Diner in my header

Some readers may wonder about the diner in my weblog header, others may know. FYI, this is the former Rosedale Diner of Pottstown, PA which appeared in 1973 on Daryl Hall and John Oates’ album entitled “Abandoned Luncheonette”.
I found it in 1982 and was able to get some good shots of it. I wrote a story about this that appeared in Roadside Magazine back in 1991. Since then I have been getting more info and been in touch with people who know a lot about the diner. I am planning on writing an updated account in the near future that will appear here. Stay Tuned!!!

4 thoughts on “Diner in my header

  1. there is another abandoned diner in phoenixville, pa., which is less than 10 minutes away from “Hall & Oates” diner. The original “abandoned lunchenette” was on route 724 and if you follow 724 towards phoenixville it turns into Nutt Road. The “Vale Rio Diner” is temporarily parked at Nutt & Starr Street with a tarp over it and a “for sale ” sign.

    • thanks Dave, I do know about the old Vale-Rio Diner and its unfortunate predicament. In fact it was my next stop after my second visit to the Abandoned Luncheonette way back in the 1980s.

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