New Prospect Mountain Diner to be delivered in early December

Prospect MT. Diner, Oct. 1982

Back in May the Prospect Mountain Diner of Lake George, NY had a devastating fire. It was a 1950 vintage double-wide Silk City diner in almost original condition at the time of the fire. The diner was so badly damaged it was immediately torn down. Art Leonhard, who had owned the diner since the late 1960’s had attempted to locate a suitable used diner to replace what he lost and finally settled on a brand-new Diner-Mite diner. Although I particularly am not fond of Diner-Mite’s product, a new Diner-Mite is better than no diner at all. The new diner was projected to be finished and ready for delivery by October but as these things go it looks more like the early part of December as reported in the November 26, 2007 Glens Falls Post Star. The Mayor of Lake George is quoted as saying there will be some sort of celebration when the new diner is delivered although scaled down from the original plan for a parade as the weather is too cold now for that type of festivity.

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