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That is me on the right with my late friend Owen Abdalian (former owner, Main Street Diner, Woburn, Mass. circa 1993)

My name is Larry Cultrera and I have been conducting a personal research project on documenting the American Diner. Since November of 1980 I have photographed over 870 diners throughout the northeast including all the New England states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & Ohio, as well as parts of Florida, Tennessee, Michigan and Virginia. I have also photographed other selected businesses/buildings along the roadside and have a fairly large collection of postcards and memorabilia.

I have been a member of the Society for Commercial Archeology since 1981. I am starting this blog (October 31, 2007) to carry on where my Diner Hotline column for the Society for Commercial Archeology’s Journal magazine leaves off. I retired the column after 19 years of writing for both the SCA NewsJournal (and then the Journal) and have decided to take it in a new direction. In the old column I mostly talked about news that primarily focused on diners. With this blog, I am going to branch out to talk about other roadside related things as well.

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  1. I love your site! I worked at Carrolls from December 1973 through May of 1974, while finishing up my BA at Tufts. I’d taken a lot of extra courses so only had to do one more to graduate, freeing up time to work as a waitress. My friend Carey and I shared a house with two other women on the north side of the Tufts campus (can’t remember the name of the street) and worked at Carroll’s Colonial Diner from 4:30 in the afternoon until about 3 am. The best shift: early dinner, normal dinner, late dinner, post movie crowd and the late night cabbies and policemen. I was paid $1:00 an hour (minimum wage then) but averaged at least $5.00 an hour in tips.

    • Hi Larry,

      Myself and my brother Michael have re-opened the Yankee Diner in Charlton, MA. Some sources say it was built in Worcester (Worcester Car) and moved to Southbridge then here in 1959. Some other sources say it went from Worcester to Leominster.

      We thought we could tap your brain to see if you had any insight to the actual facts of this historic diner car.

      Thanks, we look forward to hearing more about it’s history!


    • Hi Larry,

      Any updates on Hickey’s diner that was on the Taunton Green? My dad used to take me there as a kid. The last update I could find was an article from 2008 that said it was being restored in Rhode Island by high school students.

      Thanks, Eric

  2. Larry-
    Wishing you all the best with this blog and the new direction it will be headed in. We will miss you at the SCA Journal, but it is great that you, and your writing and photos, will still be available here. Hope your audience increases, you continue your travels, and we get to share your discoveries for a long time.
    Long-time fan and fellow SCA member.
    Jack Murphy

  3. Wonderful blog! I love diners, as you possibly can tell from my flickr sets. I love to eat in them, as well as photograph them, and I will drive many miles to do so!

    Happy New Year and keep up the good work!

    • Do you have any pics of Richard’s Diner in West Springfield, MA? I am a scrapbooker and trying to document my childhood for my grandsons.

      • Hi Barbara, you are probably referring to Richard’s Drive-In (not diner). It was one outlet of a chain of drive-in restaurants started by what became General Cinema Corporation. We had at least 3 in the Boston area and I had heard there was one in West Springfield but have never seen any photos of that one.

  4. Hello,

    I enjoyed your Blog. Where is the diner that is your page top photo?

    I just started posting on Flickr (milkbottledude) diners I come across. Got interested in researching old diners as I came across a 1963 Valentine diner, Ma’s Coffee Pot & Diner in South Haven Michigan. Now I’m looking to purchase a classic diner.



  5. Tom, If you check back to the early posts on my blog you will find “Diner in my Header”. That will tell you a little about it. The diner has not existed since the late 1980’s. There wasn’t much left by then.

  6. Larry,
    I was in Peabody today, Sunday and the Little Depot Diner is now open, formerly The Railroad Diner (Kurlands).I did not stop in because I was on my way to the Salem Diner, Excellent breakfast and a very pleasant new owner.
    bob higgins

  7. Larry,
    The Mr. Peanut sign on route 1 was one of my favorite signs as a kid. More important to me was the Mr. Peanut walking and waving to the cars driving by route 1 on the sidewalk. I thought he was real!

    If you remember on the packages of planters peanuts, you could send away for a Mr. Peanut Bank…….Well I did and waited for the mailman every day for at least a month. Finally……….The Mr. Peanut bank arrived (blue in color), so I placed it on the Mantel above the fireplace, out of the reach of my Brother Jack!

    When I arrived home from elementry school the day after receiving the bank, I FOUND IT WITH THE BASE OF IT BROKEN, unable to stand up……..I was so upset!
    I was so bummed. I remember to this day that the 1st thing I ordered in the mail only lasted less than 24 hours.

    I loved that blue plastic Mr. Peanut bank!

    True Story.

    Good Luck,
    Jim Harkins

  8. Jimmy, I believe it. Things like that stay with you. Did you beat the crap out of Jack (sounds like he was the likely suspect)? We never stopped there, at least you guys did.

  9. Hi Larry,

    My name is Michael Perlman, and I am a preservationist from Forest Hills. I enjoyed reading about your background, and this is a great site! Thanks!

    I consider diners the “ultimate public institutions,” and preservation & reuse priorities. I founded the Committee To Save The Moondance Diner over a year ago, and fellow enthusiast Kyle Supley was also highly integral. We worked with the developers, and it was donated to the American Diner Museum, which in turn, sold it to a couple in WY. I take pride that the Moondance Diner has gained a new lease on life, and will possibly be reopening this June.

    I am disheartened to learn that another gem, NYC’s Cheyenne Diner on 9th & 33rd St, is closing its doors this Sunday. I am hoping the Cheyenne Diner will meet a similar fate, but hopefully remain closer to its roots. Please let me know if it will be okay to use your photo from 1986 depicting the Cheyenne as the Market Diner, and if so, how you wish to be quoted. Please e-mail me at unlockthevault@hotmail.com at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


  10. Keith, Glad you got in touch with me! I have been meaning to get in touch with you. You are doing a fantastic job on the complete restoration of the old Tommy’s Diner! One of the best jobs I have ever seen. That diner needed someone like you to bring it back.

    As far as your question, it reminds me of the title of a slide show I did back around 12 years ago. I called it “Is it a Fodero or an O’Mahony”? Most diner manufacturers did their own thing but indeed, there was copying between the different companies. In my opinion, O’Mahony and Fodero (during the 40’s and 50’s) had similar interiors to a certain degree usually with small differences.

    Even DeRaffele had interiors with winged clocks (like Fodero) so to the untrained eye (and even the trained eye) it was hard to tell without a tag.
    Exteriors even got close in their design between the different companies.

  11. been in the business all my life worked in many many diners in new york and jersey finally have the finances to buy just cannot find one. any help you can give or info would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Hi Larry,
    I worked for the Richard’s Drive In folks, (a.k.a. General Cinema Corp) and later for WMEX

    Adventure Car Hop also had a location (longest lasting) in Union New Jersey great photos (Where’d you find em?)
    Even Arnie Ginsburg doesn’t remember what was in a “Ginsburger”
    Happy Trails fm

  13. Fred, I googled Adventure Car Hop. Also, did you know Bill Lawrence from his WMEX days? I used to pal around with his brother-in-law and we helped him do a couple of Oldies Record Hops.

  14. Larry, What a great blog. I will share this with all of my friends. It’s a great history lesson. I’ll be in touch soon.

  15. Hello!

    I have been a diner fan since the 70s when I photographed any diner I ever visited. Now with kids, I like to stop in with them. You’ve prompted me to organize my photos! In taking a trip to visit my brother on CT/MA 395 isn’t there a Zippy’s diner somewhere? I’d love to stop off with the kiddos? Any other recommendations along that route?



  16. Rene, Thanks for the compliment, glad to know that someone else may have been influenced (by what I do) to do something with their own diner photos. That’s great that you were documenting them in the 70’s! I wish I had started earlier. I shot my first diner photo in 1980. Part of the reason is I had figured out by that time that so many had disappeared that I recall from the 50’s and 60’s.

    You are right, the diner you remember is Zip’s Diner in Dayville, CT, the intersection of I-395 and Rte. 101. Other diners in the area off I-395 is the Aero Diner on Rte. 6 in North Windham (near the airport) in the Willamantic area and another diner Mickey’s Windham Diner in Willamantic. These 2 are possibly 20 minutes to 35 minutes west of I-395

  17. Dear Larry,

    I don’t know if you remember me but I’m Owen’s niece Sathi. It’s been a while but I work in Woburn now and a bunch of my co-workers now go to the Thai Diner on Main street. It prompted me to search for your website. Thank you for remembering him in this way, I am touched to see that his picture and his memories are kept going on with your blog.


    • We ate at Lloyd’s diner on Route 6 Rhode Island from
      the early 60’s through the mid 70’s. My uncle owned
      Austin’s Plantarama about 5 miles East of Lloyd’s.
      Lost track of it when I moved to Florida in 1981.
      Lloyd’s food was good!

    • Where is White Tower located if it is there. I know a man that has hot rods and an old gas station. He wants a diner!! Like to here from you thanks steve

  18. Larry,it was great to hear from you. I really enjoy the pictures ,comments and the blogs.Keep up the good work.Gotta go,but I,ll stay in touch.

  19. Hi Larry, I was also on vacation last week and was in southern Maine so we went to the Maine Diner in Wells for lunch one day and had the warm lobster roll with melted butter. The diner was very busy, as usual, but only a 5 or 7 minute wait for a booth. They really know how to feed a lot of people in a small space in a short time.
    I also went up to Scarborough for some seafood and saw the new diner on Rt. 1, although we didn’t eat there, the parking lot looked almost full at noon.

    Every restaurant up and down Route 1 was busy every day.
    I guess they will be busy until sometime in September.

  20. Bill, At least we had half way decent weather for the vacation. The warm lobster roll at the Maine Diner is always a good bet and a 7 or 8 minute wait is pretty good for that place. I’ve waited longer there. You are right, I have always said anyone who wants to run a diner could take lessons from the Henry family.

  21. Hi Larry, I got your email about my 2nd book “Bobby’s Diner”. Yes and thank you for wanting to post the information to your wonderful webblog. As soon as I get the cover art for it I’ll email you with it. Can you email me through my website or blog so I can correspond with you outside the blog?

    Also, have you ever heard of the Rocky Bay Cafe in Friday Harbor? It’s one of our most esteemed diners here on San Juan Island, WA!

    If you would like, I’ll get you a photo and send it to you.
    Let me know and thank you again for posting my newest novel on this blog!
    Sincerely, Susan.

  22. Larry,

    Great blog. I love the diner photos and the news, although it makes me sad to read about great diners and signs thatgo by the wayside. Keep fighting the good fight, against the homogenization of the American roadside, and the disappearance of diners …

    Your friend at the counter,

    Michael Karl Witzel

  23. Hi Larry – The Medford Historical Society is doing a transportation based series of lectures in 2008-09. Could you put together something about Medford roadside sites for a March lecture? YOu can reach me at the Medford LIbrary – 781-395-7950. Thanks!

  24. Hey Larry, I see you’re still into diners! Great Blog, I’ll have to work a bit to catch up with the previous entries. I think I still have the business card you gave me 18 years ago with the Diner Archaeologist title on it.
    I’ve always been a fan of diners, spending too may hours at Carroll’s Diner and Bob’s Diner (I think it was Bob’s, it was on Mystic Ave and torn down to put up Hosmer Pontiac). My primary pass time these days is motorcycling and diners are a great spot to stop for good food that’s reasonably quick.
    I should take more pictures of the places I stop, though I suspect you’ve beaten me to all of them!


  25. Phil old buddy. Great to hear from you! You memory is almost correct, it was Bobbie’s Diner (the “female” Bobbie). Bobbie’s son, Duke used to be the short order cook. I will send you an email.

  26. Thanx for the correction Larry, I recall their “all-U-can-eat” spaghetti lunch on Saturdays. I worked a lot with a floor sander in the mid 60’s and it was his favorite place for lunch. They would start you off with a turkey platter of spaghetti and a meatball the size of a small melon! Those were the days!

  27. Larry I just red the news in the Transcript about Carrolls and I was hoping it might metion that the Carrolls purchased the dining car on Riverside Ave. and moved it to the Main St. location. I was hoping there might be a picture of the old diner that I sold papers in back in the 30s. O well I guess I am going to far back.
    Best Tom.

  28. Tom, If you are thinking about the old Riverside Diner that was on Riverside Avenue until 1948 when it was forced to move for the development of the Medford Square Shopping Center, the Carroll family had nothing to do with that diner.

    Their first diner was bought used reportedly from Reading, Mass. They operated that one from 1930 to 1948. It then became the kitchen for the 1948 stainless steel diner from 1948 to 1962.

    The diner on Riverside Avenue was torn down according to all I could find out from the mocrofilm of the Medford Mercury.

  29. Hi,Larry,it has been awhile since i,ve blogged you. I was wondering if you had any info on the EMPIRE DINER that i,ve been seeing on a SPRINT tv ad.Say hi to Denise,Dave and the rest of the gang.Oh,I guess Dave has a computer now.

  30. Hey John, thanks for checking out the blog periodically. I hope you and Sue are enjoying your new home in Georgia. We miss seeing you at Buddy’s but the diner is still going strong under Nicole’s management. The Empire Diner in the commercial is the famous one from New York City. I have not seen the commercial but googled the info and found reference to it.

  31. Hello Larry,
    I love that so many people are sharing diner information and keeping others informed of sales and moving of diners – they are such treasures!
    Have you heard anything being done with the old Gateway Diner in Jeffersonville, PA on Ridge Pike? It’s been closed for a few years and I’m doing a Business Plan in my Small Business Mgmt class with the Gateway Diner in mind. I know that the former owner, Joe Phillips passed away and the family was not interested in keeping it in business. Do you know anything about this diner? I believe it could be revived and as I work on this business plan, I’m wondering if I could be a part of such a revival….I hadn’t planned on this business plan being anything more than a good exercise, but the Food Network channel show ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ shows many (very hard-working) people are making a go of it with maybe less experience than drive. Any info would be much appreciated.
    Thanks for your work on this blog!

  32. Susan, I wish I knew what was happening with the Gateway Diner. My wife Denise and I ate breakfast there before we flew back from Philly after the Society for Commercial Archeology’s Diner Symposium (1993). It was in original condition and a beautiful example of a 1950’s vintage top-of-the-line Fodero diner. If ever there was a diner in need of a new loving owner who knew what they had, the Gateway is it!

  33. Larry,I was turned on to your weblog by a coworker who worked with you previously. I was wondering if you knew of any diners here in mass that serve a jersey tradition “Taylor ham and egg” sandwiches. I am planning on opening a diner in the next few years and this is a wonderful site.

  34. Larry, I just returned from a trip to the recently opened Miss Portland. The project appears to be a great success. The quality of the materials used, the workmanship, and the design appear to be exceptional. The attention to detail is very well done , especially in the new diner booths and tables in the dining room. I would recommend that anyone in the area stop in and see the work that has been done. There is plenty of parking beside the diner in a city lot. The only issue I had was that the hostess seats you. I wanted to eat in the original diner, she wanted to seat me at a table in the dining room. Her response to my request was that they had a seating system, the diner was very quiet and after a brief discussion I was able to sit in the diner but the hostess was not happy. The food was average and a little pricey. I can understand the prices when you see the investment that was made. Hash, eggs, toast and coffee was $11.13.

  35. Larry
    I found your site as I was surfing the web.
    It’s Great!!
    I was wondering if you know of any abandon Diners that may be available. I am looking in the mid west.
    Any help would be deeply appreciated.
    Your welcome to contact me at 586 855 0139
    Thanks agian

  36. As a travel writer, and lover of such places, I was glad to find this site. Kudos to you for all of your work (sounds like a great deal of fun as well!) and for putting this site together.


  37. Hi Larry,
    I just found out that Norm’s Diner in Groton, CT is open again with a new owner. Waitress Brenda Trask got the diner as an early Christmas present from her husband Mark.
    See the story at for 12/8/08.
    Bill Waterhouse

  38. Hi Larry;
    My wife and I have enjoyed your blog for a number of months. When I saw the picture of the Bostonian Diner in Meriden, Ct. I had forgotten about the postcard we had bought in April, 1961. We had stopped there for breakfast, on our way to Philadelphia, the day after we were married. The post card was sent to our parents in Lowell, Ma.
    Both of us enjoy eating at diners, the food is always great and we have taken about 50 pictures of diners, mostly in the New England area. Keep up the good work.

  39. Hey Paul & Phyllis,
    Thanks for the kind words about Diner Hotline, I’m glad you like it! Like you, I recall that my wife and I stopped for breakfast at Wilson’s Diner in Waltham when we left for our honeymoon the day after our wedding in 1991. We were headed for the Poconos and we also stopped at the I-84 Diner in Fishkill, NY on the way. Wilson’s is still the same, the I-84 Diner has been enlarged and updated since.

  40. Hi Larry,

    I just found out that the Star Diner in East Providence R.I. on Rt. 1A, Newport Ave. is supposed to open up next week. Do you have any more info on this? The Sanford family are friends of mine but I haven’t talked to them in a while. I’ll try and find out when the date is. I’ve been waiting for this day for years.

  41. Bill
    You know about as much as I do. I also know the Sanfords but have not heard from them in many years. As far as I know they still have connections to the ADM.

  42. Back again,

    I found a recent story online at that was in the Bridgeport, CT Post dated Jan. 24th, called “Diners: You know them, they know you”. It mentions about 6 diners in that area.
    Thought you might like it.

  43. I just found this site today looking for ww2 era diners still active just out of curiosity and realized many of them are on the east coast. Can you tell me if there any on the west coast? I live north of Seattle but I am originally from So Calif. I cant remember ever seeing a diner while growing up in California. I lived in the city of Upland 50miles east of Los Angeles.

    Thanks,I really liked this site

  44. Hi Larry, Just wanted to let you know that The Star Diner is OPEN …Monday – Wednesday 6 am – 2 pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6 am – 8 pm, Sunday serving breakfast only 6 am – 1 pm. Hope all is well with you and your family. We also have our Tarry Room available for functions. Hope you can drop in for a visit. Bethany Smith

  45. Hi, Larry.

    I am finishing a post this weekend highligting Little Tavern in our area. I found your site through Diner Hunter. Great site. I have added a link to your site in my sidebar under Boomer Memories – Food, and will be featuring your Little Tavern coverage in a special group of Links devoted to Little Tavern information once I publish the post.


  46. Hi, Marianne,
    Thanks for the kind words about Diner Hotline! I have been aware of that card for close to 30 years and have had it in my collection for probably 25 years. I never knew where exactly it was in downtown Chelsea. The fire zone from the 1908 Chelsea fire (I believe that was the date, off the top of my head) was quite large and at that time they had quite a few horse-drawn lunch wagons in the area. This one was larger and was more than likely the more typical diner interior configuration that we are used to (counter going length-wise) as opposed to the lunch wagon interior (serving counter across the width, stools around the perimeter). If there were any business listings for the city for 1908 it would have been listed (if it made the list) as the Vienna Cafe, which is the actual name of the car.

  47. I’m driving from New York City, NY to Virginia Beach, VA via the I-95 for most of the way. I’m vacationing out of Los Angeles and would LOVE a rec for a great breakfast diner spot along the way!

  48. Mike,
    Being that it has been many years since I even travelled that corridor (I-95 between NY & Virginia) It would be tough to recommend a place for stopping for breakfast. Actually though one place that springs to mind and is a classic 1950’s diner that is just off I-95 in Aberdeen, MD. It is the New Ideal Diner http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl

    I prefer to take the older roads if I have the time becauswe you can see more. You can also check out the RoadsideFans Yahoo group and put the question there. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/roadsidefans/

    Hope this helps

    Larry Cultrera, Diner Hotline

  49. Hi Larry, I was in Rutland, VT last weekend and found the Midway Diner on Route 7 closed. I checked on the internet and found it For Sale.
    This is the newer Midway, about 12 years old.
    The old diner went to PA, I think.


  50. Hi Larry,

    Just came across the site from a link in the roadsidefans Yahoo Group … great to see the Half Dollar/Mr. Peanut photos! I remember driving with my parents up Route 1 in Saugus (that’s how we referred to all of Route 1 in my family) and seeing the changeover. I always yelled out of the car, “Aaahh, you’re really Mr. Peanut!”. And to top it off, somewhere around here, I actually have one of those Mr. Peanut postcards that you finally found.

    Thanks for keeping up the blog. My sister Lisa and I spend a day taking a diner tour every time I come back to Boston to visit.

    Any postcards or photos of a place called “Chickland” (lots and lots of rotisserie chickens turning) that I think was also along Route 1?


    Michael Litant
    San Francisco

  51. Michael,
    As you can tell, like you Rte. 1 was a big visual feast for my soul when I was young. Ironically since I have been living in Saugus for almost 9 years, getting around from one part of Saugus to the other, I usually avoid it as it is so busy.

    But don’t get me wrong I also drive on it every day as I currently am employed just off Rte 1 in Danvers about a mile or so past where the Half Dollar/Mister Peanut sign was located.

    As for Chickland, for some reason I personally don’t recall the place because if we ever travelled that section of Rte. 1 (now Rte. 99), we were headed south and the place would not have been as visible as it was heading north. There are plenty of postcards of Chickland, in fact they come up a lot on ebay. (I do not have one in my collection)

  52. Michael Litant – June 27, 2009 asked about “Chickland” (lots and lots of rotisserie chickens turning) that I think was also along Route 1?

    I remember this place very well. My parents took me there very often. The rotisserie chickens were to kill for. I have a couple old photo’s of my dad and myself in front of the restaurant if your interested.

    Does anyone remember a night club called The Golden Anchor? I don’t remember where it was located, I was a baby. It burned to ground killing many people. Must have been in the mid to late forty’s.

  53. Larry, I was reading my local newspaper last night – The Wilmington Town Crier. In the legal notices there was a notice for a public hearing for a plan to open a Sonic drive-in. I will keep you posted.

    • The same is true for Methuen with plans to locate one in the Home Depot parking lot at the Loop shopping plaza. The application process has begun.

  54. Larry,
    What a remarkable walk down memory lane. Not only were we Carroll’s Resturant haunts in Medford in the 1970’s, but also a frequent visitor to Wilsons in Waltham! You have turned your slight interest into a remarkable interest, then into something that we can all share! Thanks for this and the many things “GSAS” did in the day! Bravo! I can take some photos of diners here in Utah and I can send a photo and some historical data from Salt Lake. Small towns here have wonderful small spots where locals still hang out, share personal and family histories. For instance RUTHs Diner in Immigration Canyon that comes into the ole city from the east has been established for many years, has been retrofitted numerous times, and yet still holds the name of the origional property. Ruth was a notorious proprietor who was known for rough and tumble days. Now it is a well known and popular spot where you can run into political and screen star charactors on a Sunday brunch. So, lets hook up, share the past, and join forces to offer an ole Massachusetts and now Utah connection. Johnny O’Donnell

  55. John, my old friend, I found you on Facebook because of Jim DeCota. Jim found this blog last week and got in contact with me. We had a long conversation.

    Being that you are located in Utah, you should check out The Road Island Diner in Oakley, Utah. It is one that originally operated in New Bedford as one of Al Mac’s Diners for a few years but spent most of its life in Middletown, RI as Tommy’s Deluxe Diner.

    It was trucked to Oakley a few years ago and the owner, Keith Walker spent a considerable amount of money to restore it to virtually brand new condition.

    If you get there see if you can meet Keith. Tell him I sent you.

  56. My name is Marcie Miller and I make small scale architectural installations. I was recently commissioned to make a funky replica of the Collins Diner in North Cannon, Ct. It’s just stunning and the family cried when they saw it. When you open the door, the song “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke plays.

    If anyone is interested in seeing my work and commissioning my services, please email me directly: MARCIESMILLER@SBCGLOBAL.NET

  57. Have you heard the story about the JAX diner in Truckee? It was actually moved across the country via flatbed truck several years ago from it’s original home in West Chester, PA.

    My folks live nearby and love this place!

    • Hi Margo, yes I am familiar with that diner. I was actually in it once at its old location in South Birmingham (near West Chester), PA. It was originally known as the Birmingham Grill. When I saw it (June 19, 1993) it was closed and was about to embark on the trip across the country. I also know that when it opened in Truckee it was called Andy’s Truckee Diner.

  58. Hi Larry,
    It was really nice to see this picture of my father on this blog. Thanks for remembering him.

    Owen’s daughter,


    • Hi Parveen,
      It was very nice that you would leave this comment, especially today. I cannot believe it has been 8 years since I saw my friend. I miss him all the time!

  59. Larry, I heard a rumor that the airport diner is opening another location in Tewksbury in the site of the fomer Scampi’s Seafood restaurant on rte 38. Have you heard any rumblings?

  60. wow, love the site. Being on the west coast, ive not seen many diners, but through powers beyond my control , been led in this direction. Now i find myself spending most of my time researching things about them, and have made it a goal to own one on the west coast. I have a lot to learn in order to make my new dream come true, and with the way jobs are now, im sure theres going to be a long wait to make it happen. Ive never undertaken any kind of project like this, so the first step is to learn what steps to take. If you or anyone knows of any diners in the california or oregon area for sale,or needing to be rescued, im surly interested. Im sure ill be back here often to go over the photos and updates… again, great site. Kevin

  61. That’s pretty cool Larry! You have a neat project and an interesting niche. Well done my friend! I hope it is okay that I call you friend.


    David B. Robert
    Founder of ProximityCast.com

  62. Does anyone know of Russ’s Diner in Worcester, MA where my friends and I at Clark University ate late every night in the late 1950’s?

    • I know it must be the Kenmore Diner that use to be located on Park Ave Extension and was probably called Russ’s diner because he was one of the owners. Russell Ryan, his brother Frank Ryan, and brother-in-law bought this diner. I went to Clark in the 60’s and my father Ernest Ryan, owned the Sherwood Diner in downtown Worcester. Russell had a stroke and the diner was bought and moved to near Union Station in downtown Worcester. The huge warehouse fire adjacent to the Kenmore destroyed the diner also. Six firefighters from Worcester were killed in that fire. Everywhere I know loved Russell including me his niece.

  63. PARK CLASSIC DINERS (Birth to Death)

    Eat’n Park decided to enter the Diner World

    a previous building on Rte. 30
    to a DINER-LOOK
    …tile and Stainless Steel (outside and in)
    an INTERESTING-combination of IDEAS to
    try-out the DINER-look.

    Seemingly a SUCCESS
    placed it on Rte. 22
    9893 William Penn Highway

    to be built at BOARDMAN, OHIO

    “It didnt turn out as well as expected”
    Closed JEANETTE, PA SITE…for sale
    Closed the BOARDMAN, OHIO SITE…for sale

    GAVE much memorabilia to EMPLOYEES
    and KEPT some at Eat’n Park headquarters in Homestead, PA
    Tried to SELL the KULLMAN MODULAR building
    supposedly had a POSSIBLE offer by maybe Denny’s for a Bedford, PA site
    all deals FELL-THROUGH (except CVS was MOVING ONTO site)”

    EAT’n PARK/Hospitality Group, INC
    (who was in charge of the DINER-PROJECT from birth-to-death)
    “ALL interior items were AUCTIONED-off
    was then
    a very LARGE
    … big-BUCK

    is at that LOCATION…NOW

  64. Dear Larry,

    My wife and I moved from Ohio (which seems to have lots of diners) to Minnesota (which seems to have very few diners).

    Please let me know if there are any working diners in MN and/or western Wis.

    Thanks – Gary

  65. Wonderful website. Does anyone out there have either copies of original Worcester scale drawings or drawings they have developed themselves of Worcester diners- either the later barrel-roofed variety or of the semi-streamlined? I’d like to build a scale model. Or two.

    With regard to Minnesota: No, it is not diner heaven. But Mickey’s Diner in downtown St. Paul is (or was a few years ago, when we lived in MN) thriving and terrific.

    There also is (or was in 2003) the Snakkstopp (sp? it was unusual) Diner in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis.

    Pete Tuttle

  66. Larry, My husband and I are very much looking forward to seeing you here in Easton at the library. Have you written a book? We love to stop at diners when we travel. See you on July 29.

  67. Great website … I was wondering if you knew where I could find out more information about the Rosedale Diner? Also, do you have any info about the Elm St Diner in Oil City, PA

    • Hi Ed,
      Ironically, I will be posting a story I originally wrote in 1991 for Roadside Magazine on finding the Abandoned Luncheonette (the Rosedale Diner). It will be updated and expanded from the 1991 piece with a section authored by Matt Simmons. It should be posted within the week. On the other question, I personally am not familiar with the Elm St. Diner in Oil City.

  68. Larry, I have a friend that’s looking for a diner to save. He has a large lot across from his house where he has a 40’s, 50’s gas station and a glass front show room for his street rods. He would like to add a diner to go with his street rod environment where he holds street rod shows. I saw one entry back in 2008 that was called White Towers in Ohio. I don’t know if it is still there but if you know of something in Ohio that we could move, would be interested in hearing from you. Thanks, Steve

  69. Hi Larry, Found your website today, Love the cups. I have some from diners; should have gotten more but was collecting at that time, strictly business logos . cities/states. Since 2004 have expanded. Currently, I have roughly 15,000 coffee cups. Still looking to increase my number. Cataloging them has been a pain but…
    If you or anyone would like to talk email me at: coffeecupqueen@yahoo.com. Bye, Gina Z

    • Thanks for the comment Jack, long time no hear! I was aware of that article on the Historic Village Diner of Red Hook, NY. It was a nice piece but I really wish the Harkins family would stop saying that the diner dates from 1927. Its Silk City serial number (5113) denotes it was the 13th diner built in 1951.

  70. Hi Larry

    I just came across a picture on the Rhode Island Secretary of State website that looks like it shows Jiggers Diner in the early 30’s. Reading about Jiggers on-line it says it was originally called Lindy’s and was just north of its present location. It then moved into a bigger Worcester Lunch car #623 and this I believe is the one shown in the attached photo due to the surrounding buildings. Thought you would like to see it.


  71. Larry, I would love to speak with you by telephone but I don’t see a number. You may remember me from Dinerama . I photographed the book Hometown Diners back in 1999. It seems like yesterday. I have been quietly traveling on my diner quest in recent years. I wanted to ask your opinion on a couple things. I love your blog by the way.

  72. I’m writing to ask a favor.

    Maybe you can advise me about how I can track down a photograph of the long-defunct “Charlie’s Northway” diner, formerly located at 256 Wolf Road in Albany, New York [based on the reference in the Diners of the Northeast book].

    My nine-year-old step-daughter’s first name is Charlie–last name: Northway. It’d be fun to find such a picture, assuming one exists.

    • Have you tried contacting the Albany Times Union newspaper to see if they have any file photos of the diner? Their headquarters are on the opposite (northbound) side of I-87 (The “Northway”). Their staff probably ate a lot of meals there. The place is an Asian fusion restaurant now.

  73. Jonquille’s Diner on Furlong Drive, operated by John Ribeiro, has been sold to Lawrence Meads of East Boston. He will call it Suffolk Diner and will operate it in the same manner. Larry is this a Worcester and do you know what year or number? I can’t find any info on it.

    • Dave, The Suffolk Diner was built on-site (home-made) actually on the lot next door at the corner. It was moved probably in the 1950’s to its current location. It was modeled after a Worcester from the 1930’s, not sure what year it was built. My guess is the late 1930’s. Original owner was Frank Scigliano and was run into the early 1990’s by his son, Fran. Fran is retired and lives in Danvers.

  74. Larry, I drive by the Suffolk every night and tonight there was a crew working buffing the diner up cleaning and whatnot, I hope it reopens as a breakfast spot !! I work down in Franklin, MA and want to check out Don’s Diner in Plainville, have you been there ?? I’ve been meaning to check out Miss Mendon, its a town over. It looks too nice for me Ha ha. I was chatting with Wendy Vee and she wants to check out the Capital Diner, I suggested Saturday morning when my old friend Bobby Fennell works the grill, he ‘s the closest to his dad ! Buddy was a great cook always got 3 eggs he would say egg’s small today a real diner gentleman mabe you could join us after the holidays. I would like to meet you and talk shop. I ran a cafe in Swampscott for 12 years, tons of cooking horror stories ..lol talk to you soon happy holidays Dave B

  75. Larry, Pretty cool to see photos of the old Diner in Silver Lake NH, My good friend Neil and I did a lot of work on the old gem, Really proud of how the new roof came to be it is almost perfect, there were layers and layers of old roofing. When ever I get cabin fever and get tired of winter I like to think of the diner and the enjoyment that it gives to everyone that comes to visit. Best Wishes Peter F. Wing

  76. Hi Larry, Its great people are still interested and report on diners. I am restoring a 1938 Mahony diner and need a lot of help. I am looking for original items either for sale or I would like to take measurements to make molds, anything. I am looking for original wall sconces interior and exterior, original lights down the center of ceiling. I need a couple of windows. I need to find out what the original ceiling looked like and what it was made of or the company etc. Were the doors on the freezer mahogany or stainless steel. I am looking to buy original or reproducuction Orange ceramic tile & Black cove base tile & mosaic floor tile. Any material anyone has leads on or if someone knows where I can get them reproduced would be great. We are going to install cameras to show progress as the job progresses. Thanks for any help.

  77. Thank you so much for your great information. Can you point me to the records. I know someone has them somewhere. Wilson’s number will correspond with the date, which you found.

    Again, thank you! Would love to pick your brain.

  78. Just wondering if you knew the ultimate fate of the Peerless Diner? It ended up on the side of the road in the Florida Keys somewhere. Do you have a specific location? I’d like to see it when I vacation down there. Thanks.

  79. Larry, great site. My dad (Tim Sr) was a short order cook and worked in a lot of diners all over NJ. He put a lot of pride in his work. He had his own set of work knives wrapped in cotten cloth with him every day. After a Sunday morning rush at what ever diner he was working at, he would tell how many cases of eggs he had cooked. He always said he just needed room to work , a great grill ,and a smart waittress…. his food was always the best.——ps to this day I can remember him telling me never short the waittress’ tip—they work hard for the little money they earn. Tim Jr.

  80. Good evening Larry, the diner in the bushes looks to me to be the Ocean Diner that sat in Oakhurst, NJ on Rte. 35 south. About 1964-65-67-. It replaced the Purple Bull Restaurant I think that was a hot dog & burger stand. I worked at Ocean Electric about 500 ft north on Rte. 35. The Ocean had great goolash. I love your website, every real NJ boy and girl grew up eating in the diners and having fun–real comfort food and great coffee. Tim Jr.

  81. Larry,
    My name is Josh and I live in Rochester, NH Where Leos Diner and Harolds Diner were. I am a big fan of Old Rochester! I am also thinking of opening a little Diner like them in town once again to I was wondering if you knew how I would find an old abandoned one that might be for sale. If you would like please email me I think you have my email since I had to put it in here. Thanks and GREAT SITE! I love old diners and really cool you making this site! By the way I am 28 years old and still feel more connected with the people before me!

  82. Larry,
    Also Leo’s Diner is where my Aunt Sharon and My Uncle Dave got together, My Uncle was the cook and my Grandmother was a waitress and my Grandmother introduced them to each other! Also My Dad worked there too!!

  83. Quick questions about the Midway Diner – do you know when it came to/left Shrewsbury? I have some photos of it being installed.

    Also, was Warren’s Diner the one at the corner of Rt 9 and S. Quinsigamond ave in Shrewsbury? have matchbook from there.

    BTW, my Uncle owned the Blue Bell diner for many years!

    Thanks for any assistance.


  84. Larry,

    I have always loved diners. Growing up in Albany, NY I recall many of them. I was very happy to see “Nipper..the Dog” I think that was the RCA building when I was a kid.

    One favorite was “The Busy Bee”…a drive in diner, I dont know if they had car hops, on some road between Albany and Schnectady ( I think…I was 6) do you have any info on that one?

    Thank you,

    Anchorage, Alaska

  85. I trying to get any information about the Flying Yankee Dinner, in Lynn Ma. The adress was 874 Western AVe., Lynn. Mass. My Grandfather use to own it pre WWII. Thank you for your time.

  86. Hi Larry,

    I love the blog. I believe you attended Dick Guttman’s lecture at the Museum of National Heritage on diner history in conjunction with my exhibit of diner photos called Night Road. I don’t think we had a chance to talk after the lecture. I’ve been a big fan of the blog for some time. It has been very helpful to me finding the diners which I’ve photographed. I’ve included a link to the web site of my diner photos from which the MNH show was selected. All night shots. I hope that you enjoy it. Feel free to post a link if you like.


    • Hi John,
      Yes, I was there, and no, unfortunately we did not get to meet! Thanks for the kind words about Diner Hotline, it is great to know other people appreciate my efforts. I do like your work and when I get a chance, I will mention the website and place a link on the blog. I have been preoccupied with writing the new book “Classic Diners of Massachusetts”. Got a deadline to meet. So my blog hads suffered a little recently. Hope to post something really soon though.

      • Hi Larry,

        Looking for the link to John’s website with the Night Road diner photos … did I miss it in his post or your reply?

        Looking forward to “Classic Diners of Massachusetts” … I can’t get enough diner photos, especially of New England diners.



      • Michael,
        just click on John’s name (in his comment) and it will link to the website for the “Night Road” photos.

  87. Wow! They all look great … wish I could just get up from my computer and walk on over to any one of them, but none are close enough to San Francisco.


  88. The Monarch Diner was operated FIRST by John DeCola, who passed in the 1950’s and left the diner to his sons, however, his (John’s) brothers were mean and stole it from them, since they were all young. It was a shame what they did .

  89. So, what happened to the actual Bel Aire Diner structure? Where is it now? (Bel Aire Diner, Rte 1, Peabody, MASSACHUSETTS)

  90. Hi Larry,

    I have Worcester Lunch Car #666 and you showed up in my driveway (Andover, MA) many years ago to check it out and take pictures. I have been painstakingly restoring it, but have decided to sell it now. I’ve spoken with other people about this but was wondering if you could give me any advice? I had dreams of moving it up to Maine and opening it, but doesn’t look like that is going to happen.



  91. Howdy, just had a somewhat random question for you guys, mostly Matt Simmons who wrote on PA Urban Exploration’s blog about Pizza World
    ( http://forgottenpa.blogspot.com/2007/08/linfield-industrial-park-and-pizza.html ). I was wondering if you had any contact information about the owner of Pizza World if possible at all.
    As for the Diner Hotline Weblog, this site presents the audience with authentic history and eye catching photos as well as a look around diners across the states. I hope you guys had a great time traveling to all of these locations and hope to be updated on all the newest journeys.

  92. Looking to buy and restore a 1950’s diner, like the small valentine. We live in San Diego Ca. and might be willing to trade a extra 1930 gas station for it. Pls e-mail or call Tom at 619-665-4990 or 619-410-2379.

  93. I found an old diner by Kullman and it looks to be from the early 30s. Where would I find out more info?n The interior is VERY original and might be worth restoring.

  94. Hello, I grew up in Teele Sq Somerville,opened up Renee’s Cafe then sold it after 3 years to start a family. I am considering buying a diner and that is how I found your site. I had seen a dining car about 6 years ago “Glenwood Diner” it was in a lot and wondering if you had any info on it?

  95. Hi Barry, Yes, the diner is still sitting at the end of my driveway in Andover, Mass. Send me your phone number if you would like to discuss further. Best- Doug

  96. Hi Larry,

    I have recently retired and I have become more interested in tracking down the Silk City Diners by the Paterson Vehicle Company since my great-grand father founded the company (The Paterson Wagon Company in the 1890’s) and my father help close it down in the 1960’s. I would love to track down where these diners are and secure some of the documents to the company before they closed. Until then, have a great day!

    Les Cooper

    • Hi Les, thanks for getting in touch with me. This is an honor! Silk City Diners have always been a favorite of mine. I have had many a great meal in them over the years. Any way I can be of help to you, please let me know. I will send you my contact info.

      • Hi Larry,
        I have got to learn how to use these blogs more effectively 🙂
        I have begun to create a silkcitydiners.com website and I would love to collaborate with you since you are one of the few well-known experts on American Diners in the U.S. If you would consider communicating with me, please contact me at 803-207-1664 or lescooper2000@hotmail.com. Thanks, Larry!


  97. Hi Larry,
    I have become a recent devotee of your blog and have been following vintage diners starting where I grew up in NJ. I’ve been to many good ones down in NJ but I’ve discovered the wonderful old Worcester cars up here since I moved to Mass and I love them. I was wondering what happened to your 10 best diners of Mass, used be on here now I can’t find it.
    Best regards,
    Charles Schneider
    Raynham MA

  98. The Miss Albany Diner (Albany, NY) is closing. A good story in the February 10, 2012 New York Times- already posted (Feb 9) on the NY Times website.

  99. Larry – I love this site – your efforts are truly amazing. I am writing specifically about the listing on the ‘Gateway Diner’ from Phillipsburg, NJ. I was told recently there had been a diner where the current McDonalds sits and that it sat in a junk yard of sorts off of rte 22 for years and then disappeared. I came online and got a link to your site. What I was told seems to match up with the story here. In trying to track down the diner I found conflicting info – that it went from the US to England to Germany and now the Netherlands. However, the Dutch website for the now-operational diner says that it sat in front of a PA factory since 1939. Can this be the same diner but with somethig missing from its history? Perhaps an intentional omission for the sake of a more romanticized American-industrial past? I am trying to find out if the “Gateway Diner” on the Dutch website is the one from my home town of Phillipsburg. I would love to make a pilgrimage to it one day! Any way I would be able to track this down?
    PS Apparently my home town was home to at least three diners, The Gateway, the Turnabout Diner, and the Key City (Still functional). I was born too late and only got to see the last one in my lifetime – McDonalds and Burger King took care of the other two.

    • Hi Dave,
      Yes, that is the same Gateway Diner. The people who have it over in the Netherlands have the history wrong. I tried to correct them but they would not listen to me. What can I say? I guess over 30 years of experience in documenting diners counts for nothing with them. I have been by the Key City Diner many times but never photographed it. I do believe I have a postcard of it in my collection. Thanks for the favorable comments on Diner Hotline.

  100. i am looking to buy a train car diner and relocate it to illinois, would you know of any that would be for sale. obviously the closer the better. thank you

  101. Larry,

    Love your site, haven’t visited in a long time. STILL GREAT! Still doing really important work, so thank you.

    Just posted your site onto Facebook reminding my friends that there are so many worthy diners inexplicably going wanting, and to remember whenever anyone is involved in the kind of major urban rethinking that is now regularly bubbling in Philadelphia, they should remember that diners are available and so amazing as an instant social hub. Instead of waiting for someone to come to them, planners need to be able to say “How about a proper vintage American diner here? Let’s put that bid notice out there and some accompanying press and see who steps to the plate.”

    Folks just have to know that that is a very real and not particularly difficult option.

    We have a 100 year old two lane bowling alley in Ardmore, PA, along Philadelphia’s Main Line.


    Come visit when you find yourself in Philly and let me and my diner loving wife Kristin take you out for some local diner fare.

    all the best,

    Todd KImmell
    The Grand Review
    Lost Highways Archive & Research Library

  102. Hello Larry,

    My husband’s family owned Sambo’s diner in Fall River, Ma beginning in the early 1960’s through early 1980. We were delighted and surprised to see photos of the diner on the site. Do you have access to any more photos? We would love the opportunity to relive those memories.

    With sincere thanks for including Sambos Diner in your American Diner research project ,

    Michael and Amy Micheletti

  103. Hi Larry, It was fun to read about Ralph´s Chadwick Sq. Diner. I had a lot of fun there circa 80-82 when I was at WPI. Thanks.

  104. Larry,

    Do you have any more photos of Paramount Catering/Diner? I am the grand-daughter of Peter Ciosek, the owner. I am putting together a scrapbook of sorts for my family and would love to include them.

    Karen J.

  105. What a great site. Can you give me your full contact info. The picture of the abandoned Diner on your site in the weeds, is that the old Garden Park Diner from Garden City Park, NY?

  106. What a noble cause you have taken up, I too have had my share of diners and I think they are so fascinating my first cook job was in a Valentine Diner in Flagstaff Az it is gone now but I will forever remember my life there it truly inspired me to stay in the food-service industry up to today (30 yrs) Keep up the good work!!!!

  107. Any great recommendations for diners in michigan, specifically in the metro detroit area? I’m working on a short feature film and have been on the hunt for a location – any ideas? Interior decor and feel being very important, obviously – and it seems like you have a knack for pointing that out 🙂 ! Thanks you so much! – Natalie

  108. Larry
    I recently bought a framed print in a collectible store in Bloomfield, NY…it was a print of a 1974 John Baeder oil painting of The Pullman….I emailed John asking where it was painted and he told me Mass Ave in Cambridge….I live in Somerville….remember Carroll’s real well….ole man’s side of family from West Medford

    Where exactly was The Pullman? Could you email me at baevents@aol.com

    Paul Collyer

  109. THis is not a diner question more of a Saugus/North Shore inquiry.

    Do you remember the New England Shopping Center on Route 1?

    There was a movie theater behind there and also where I saw Return of the Jedi for the first time. Have you ever come across any photos of it?

    • Kevin, I certainly do remember the New England Shopping Center (replaced by Square 1 Mall), there may be photos of that available. I may even have seen one or two in a “Saugus” related book. I would have to check my personal library to see.

  110. Hi Larry,

    Do you remember the name of the 50’s style diner that was located on Central Ave. (Rt 5) in Colonie, NY, in the ’72-’74 era? It was in operation for just a few years and was “moved” to the Queensbury area.

    Several of us remember the diner, but can’t remember the name.

    When the diner was “moved” north, we seem to remember the owner changed it’s name. Could it be the old Prospect Mountain Diner?

    Thanx in advance…

    • Renee, the only diner I recall in the Queensbury area was the Aviation Diner which was a brick, environmental style diner. It was closed by the early 1980’s when I photographed it. The Prospect Mountain Diner (the old one that burned in 2007 or 2008) was always up in Lake George since it was brand new though not always at the location near the bowling lanes.

    • Hi Larry, Not sure what happened to my post…so I’ll try again…Please excuse if it appears as a duplicate. I’m wondering if the Aviation Diner is the one that was moved from Colonie in the 70’s. If it was,the owner changed the name when it was moved……none of us can remember the name of the diner when it was here in Colonie…heck, only a few people even remember that it existed…probably because it was open only a few years before moving north. Thanx again!

  111. Hi Larry…Could the Aviation Diner be the one that was moved to Queensbury from Colonie, in the 70’s? Just a long shot. Thanx!

  112. Regarding my above post…….. does Capital Diner ring a bell ? That MAY be the name of the diner when it was located on Central Ave. (in Colonie) for a few years in the 70’s.

  113. Larry,

    I have always loved diners. Growing up in Albany, NY I recall many of them. I was very happy to see “Nipper..the Dog” I think that was the RCA building when I was a kid.

    One favorite was “The Busy Bee”…a drive in diner, I dont know if they had car hops, on some road between Albany and Schnectady ( I think…I was 6) do you have any info on that one?

    Thank you,

    Anchorage, Alaska

  114. Hi Larry,

    Just got on to your site. What a wealth of information!

    I’m looking for any info you might have on Bob’s Diner, originally in Columbia, PA. I know that it was bought by John Keith and was in tended to be shipped to the Fat Boys Diner Chain in England but the deal fell through and the diner was bought by a person in MD.

    Bob’s Diner is a Mountain View #237.


  115. Ive lived in Millbury 51years and the central diner is a part of Millbury, no it is Millbury. I’m a chef and if anybody can get me any information about leasing or buying the dinner please help me. I will make the central diner the place to eat in town again. I have allot of ideas for it. Let’s shine the diner to its glorious days. We can’t allow franchises or those places in town who claim to have home cooked meals. I’ve worked at them all and couldn’t stay at any of them because they’re in it for the fast money and cut every corner they can either filthy dirty or simply don’t care about cooking. They want to make fat money ,

  116. I have a Worcester Lunch Car (#666) for sale. It is currently sitting at the end of my driveway in Andover MA. The exterior has been completely restored and much of the interior too. It’s a little gem of a building. We are moving and I think I will sell it for the right price! I can send pictures. Thanks!

  117. Dear Larry-

    Good afternoon! My name is Rebecca Neely and I really enjoy all the great pictures and stories at your blog! I grew up in my family’s diner style restaurant, working, cooking and eating. 🙂

    I wanted to ask you a favor. I have a contemporary romance novel coming out soon with Soul Mate Publishing, and a lot of the action takes place in a cool retro diner. The book is entitled, A Mighty Good Man.

    I wanted to know if you would consider hosting me as a guest blogger at your site, or if you would be so kind to mention my book at your site when the time comes.

    Please let me know. I thank you in advance for your time.


  118. Hi Larry. I came across your blog while searching the internet in hopes of finding a picture of my late grandfather’s diner, Miss Jersey City Diner. Our family doesn’t have any pictures of it and I thought I’d take a look and see what I could find, if anything. Your pictures are the only ones I could find. My mother and uncle have many memories from growing up in that diner and helping my grandpa out. Can you please get in contact with me?

  119. I believe I may have in my possession one of the oldest coffee pots with the glass voles and gas burner I’m trying to find out what diner it came out of. It has a manufacturing plate on it and I think they only did this once for a customer. Any help would be great. Thanks

  120. Larry, Love the blog. I have always loved diners and recently have developed an interest in the history of these American Gems. Researching WLC’s I came across your blog. SO happy! I met you at the Toadstool book signing event and have finished it already. Great read, Have asked Santa for your Mass book, cant wait. Also loved the movie of “spider”
    Hope to run in to you again, maybe at our favorite “Tims in Leominster”
    Thanks Bubba!

  121. I was at the Whitehouse station diner today! I wish that I could go inside. I saw somewhere that you went inside. Did you take any pictures inside?

  122. Hi, Larry!
    Back on May 21, 2014 you allowed a posting of mine on your “diner-hotlines-divco-page.” It was much appreciated, and helped us in obtaining a truck for our film. I wanted to see if you could now possibly DELETE my post from that day, since we are no longer in need of the Divco? It would help un-clutter the posts — and lessen our emails still received on the subject! Thanks so much…
    And All The Best,

  123. Hello Larry, I just searched for your site. and actually found it. I am a friend of Spiro Kasimas who was the owner the( Cheyenne Diner ) I would like to ask you for permission to use a few of your amazing photographs for my book that I have just completed. You will receive the credits of course, and I am willing to pay for use of the photos. Or do I have to get in touch with Michael Perelman of unlock the vault.

    Thank you,

    Nancy Mc Gill

  124. Larry, I love this website, but sadly I must report that the Little Tavern in downtown College Park MD may be demolished very soon. The University of Maryland College Park Foundation owns it now. They have plans that are not public, but the first action appears to make this little building a parking lot until they announce some grand development scheme in the futue that could have included this re-purposed piece of history.

  125. Hi Larry,
    I stumbled upon your blog a while back researching (what else of course) diners!
    I was wondering what it takes to reprint a particular article and pics on my website on my “fun facts” page. I’m a sign maker by trade and thought it would be fun to share with others!!
    Please let me know when you have a chance.

  126. Hello,
    My name is Jim and I am a contractor helping remodel/restore Kathys Diner in Northampton, Ma.
    I just read that it is a Worcester #702 . Today we removed about 4 layers of roofing and some plywood from the old diner and can see why it is sagging quite a bit in the middle!! The present owner has plans to lease it in the near future after we fix it up. Anyone with any info on Kathys or the design of this type of diner please email me @jimjflan@gmail.com thx Jim

  127. Do you have any photos of Rattey’s Carhop Newport Avenue Pawtucket RI owned by Vinney Maynard and Hugh Heaney during the 1950s and 1960s. I am running my class reunion for this year 1960 (55 years) and would love to use a photo of Rattey’s. I hope you have something that I can use and I would appreciate your authorization to use as well.

  128. I collect early diner mugs. When I say early I mean authentic 1920s to 1950s mugs… NOT the new ” which are really souvenir mugsones that say “diner…

  129. FYI the new issue of Americana magazine has an article I wrote on diners with some great photos. If you’ll send me your email address I’ll send you a copy. This reply is not for publication.

  130. There use to be two diners called The Turnabout Diner in Phillipsburg New Jersey and The Gateway Diner. Do you know where,they were,moved to? Thank you

  131. Hi Larry,
    We recently unearthed a bunch of old bottles buried in our backyard. I wondered why they might be buried and when they were from. One had a Ware Dairy label. In doing a search to find out about the dairy, I was led to your blog because someone had commented that they had towed a bunch of Divco trucks from there in the 60s. And then I realized whose blog I was reading… the same person who might know something about the buried bottles… you! We live in your childhood home on McCormack Ave. A circular route in a small world!

  132. Hi Larry, wow what a site and the detail you have gathered!

    I am researching details from a series of books that I am a huge fan of. They are by a, sadly now passed, writer Julian May. One of her books is called Intervention and she makes reference to a Diner to the north of Berlin, NH on I-16. It is called the Androscoggin Diner or the Andy K. Now I understand that her story is fictional, but a lot of the detail she provides in this book is based around real locations. I was wondering if you have any knowledge of a Diner in this rough locale?

    Keep up the great work.

  133. Dear Larry,

    I am a professor at MCLA. A student introduced me to your site as she and her partner were (remain) fans of the Big Benn – as do I!

    I’m writing to ask permission to use solely one of your photos of the Big Benn (c. 1970s) on an educational site that my pre-service teachers made for their final project in Curriculum and Instruction and Classroom Management courses. The site, as the students would share, has been designed to help teachers and grades 8-12 students reconnect to self, the classroom, and the world since the pandemic. The students have named the site “The Pandemic Connection,” and it is on a Learning Management Software called Canvas, so it will have limited exposure aside from local educators and students.

    Thank you for your work, Larry.

    – Lisa

  134. Larry,

    I was so amazed and thrilled to stumble upon your site this morning. What a great collection you’ve given us all! My wife and I share an affinity for the aesthetic of the roadside diner, and often take old state highways and the roads less-traveled in hopes of spotting new ones. In fact, we someday hope to open (restore) our own. We are actually currently looking for a set of pin style diner stools (which is actually how I found your site) and doors for our kitchen. We’d love to repurpose them and save them from rust or the junkyard. If you ever come across those or similar items, please keep us in mind. And if you have any recommendations for diners in the Michigan/Indiana/Ohio area, we’d love to hear them!

    Thanks, Larry!


  135. Great site you have. Really brings me back. I used to move diners as one of five of Frank Parker’s grandchildren (out of 23) that worked for Parker Brothers moving diners. I’ve been to most of the diner builder’s factories. Frank and his twin George started in the 1920’s with Tierney and from there moved most of the diners built in New Jersey and New York(DeRaffele) from the 1950’s to the 1980’s when they went out of business. Unfortunately, nobody carried a camera in those days so pictures of them moving them are hard to come by. I’ve been scouring the internet, but pictures of the MOVERS are rare. Any thoughts on where to find more? I did see two pictures of Parker Bros moving Swingle Diners on your site. Thanks for all the work you’ve done for the Diner cause!

  136. Sorry, on my last reply I said Parker Brothers moved diners from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Meant to say 1920’s to the 1980’s.

  137. Hi Larry

    My grandfather owned a diner in Worcester MA in the early-mid 1900s. My mothers brother passed away recently and we found a picture of it in his belongings. The picture was taken in 1941. I think it was closed in the late 50s or early 60s but I am not certain. He was the last of his generation. It was called Jack’s Diner. I would love to find out more about it but don’t know where to look.

    Thanks, Jim

  138. I’m looking for the name of the diner that used to be at 177 Chandler St. Worcester, MA. It was sold in the late 80’s or early 90’s and moved.

    • you are probably referring to Muggsy’s Diner, later know as Finely Fran’s Diner. It was moved into storage at Worcester Airport and remained unprotected. It deteriorated to the point it had to be demolished.

  139. have you ever done any writing on the Downingtown Diner (in PA) where parts of the movie The Blob was filmed? My uncle owned the diner at one point and i’d love to share any articles and posts with him. I searched here and your FB page “Got Diners” but didn’t see anything.

    • sorry Teresa, I have never written anything about the Downingtown Diner. I am well aware of the history and for a brief time had the postcard (of the original diner that was in the movie) in my collection. I have been by the current diner put was not in any position to photograph it.

  140. Hi. We are selling (not by choice) Bishop’s 4th Street Diner of Newport and a potential buyer asked about the weight. I tried Wikipedia, but it doesn’t have that information. Do you know where I might be able to find that? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply to this urgent question. Vicki Bishop

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