larry-owen.gifMy name is Larry Cultrera and I have been conducting a personal research project on documenting the American Diner. Since November of 1980 I have photographed 806 diners throughout the northeast including all the New England states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & Ohio, as well as parts of Florida, Tennessee, Michigan and Virginia.  I have also photographed other selected businesses/buildings along the roadside and have a fairly large collection of postcards and memorabilia.

I have been a member of the Society for Commercial Archeology since 1981. I am starting this blog to carry on where my Diner Hotline column for the Society for Commercial Archeology’s Journal magazine leaves off. I retired the column after 19 years of writing for both the SCA NewsJournal (and then the Journal) and have decided to take it in a new direction. In the old column I mostly talked about news that primarily focused on diners. With this blog, I am going to branch out to talk about other roadside related things as well. Stay tuned……

above photo,
that’s me on the right with my late friend Owen Abdalian (former owner, Main Street Diner, Woburn, Mass. circa 1993)