Skee’s Diner project seeking support to raise funds

I wrote about the news that Skee’s Diner of Torrington, CT was slated to become a Welcome and Information Center for the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce back on January 21st of 2008, see this link….

A few months ago John Baeder got me in touch with Edward Cannata who has gotten involved with this project. Edward has shared some great images and info about this 1920’s vintage O’Mahony diner that he has accumulated in his research. Ed being a novice to the “world of diners” has taken a crash course in diner history (especially where Skee’s is involved) and is determined to get this project moving in the right direction. This includes the moving of the diner to a new, highly visible location where the diner will under go a very sympathetic restoration (in my opinion, it doesn’t need much other than cleaning and updating of utilities and such).

There is now a live website detailing the project with plenty of information, historical and otherwise along with photos and plans. Check it out at…

The Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce is seeking support and donations to help in the project. There will be a kick-off event on May 10th
(Northwest Connecticut Welcome Center Launch Party) at 5:00 pm hosted at PSam’s, 1301 Torringford West Street, Torrington, CT and I understand that Richard Gutman will be the featured speaker. Call the Chamber for details at  860- 482-6586.