Emergency Fund-Raiser for The Silver Top Diner

The Silver Top Diner as seen in better days, 1996 photo by Larry Cultrera

The Silver Top Diner was a long-time fixture in Providence, RI until it was forced to move for the redevelopment of the property it was operating on. I was there for the last day of operation and met the owner Pat Brown. Even then, she was up against some long-odds to get the diner set-up and operating, hopefully in Pawtucket, RI. Unfortunately, the diner has languished for all these intervening years and was subsequently given an ultimatum by the city recently. Basically the diner needed to be removed from its long-time storage site or it would be demolished.

Patricia Tomasso-Brown, the owner of The Silver Top Diner, contacted me via Facebook to inform me of her current dilemma. She wrote….. Larry could you post this on your events for me, Thanks,  Pat
Fund-raiser for The Silver Top Diner, anyone knowing any place that will give gift certificates please let me know. Thank You to all who already bought a ticket! After waiting 10 years to get my business open and my diner rebuilt, on October 9, 2012 I won in court against the City of Pawtucket after a 5 day jury trial, then on October 26, 2012 a judge overturned the jury verdict and took my award & diner away.

Now I have to fight all over again. There is a Fund-raiser being held to help me with court fee’s which are high. Please spread the word to help out. Silver Top Diner Fund-raiser at Bishop Hill Tavern, 2868 Hartford Ave, Johnston, RI, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, starting at 6:00 pm until ? –  Italian style dinner and raffles, donation is $20 per ticket. I can drop them to anyone who wants them if you don’t live too far away, just let me know when I can meet you. 401-497-6169 or write savethesilvertopdiner@yahoo.com
Thank you, Pat Brown