Roger’s Redliner Diner initiates a Kickstarter Campaign

Original Placemat for the Monarch Diner of Dover, NH
Roger Elkus and Daryl McGann will be reopening the diner soon as
Roger’s Redliner Diner in Portsmouth, NH possibly in January

Ironically after writing about the former Englewood Diner being resurrected and renamed the Red Line Diner, I get to write about the former Monarch Diner being renamed Roger’s Redliner Diner. Roger Elkus and his General Manager Daryl McGann operate a chain of bakery/cafes called Me & Ollie’s in the seacoast area of the Granite state. As written here previously, they purchased the former Monarch Diner from Dave Pritchard of Salisbury, Mass. a little over a year ago and are presently working feverishly to set the diner up on a pad site in the Southgate Shopping Center on U.S. Rte. 1, next door to Water Country water park in Portsmouth, NH. The irony is that both of these diners have
Red Line” in their name and both were bought from Mr. Pritchard. Roger and Daryl are shooting for a January, 2014 opening. In the meantime, they have initiated a Kickstarter campaign for some additional funding. The Kickstarter gives people a chance to pledge money toward the restoration in exchange for meal vouchers….. I.E.: Breakfast Delight, Burger Delight, Blue Plate Diner Delight, etc as well as Roger Redliner Diner  T-Shirts and more! The Kickstarter Program runs until December 22nd, with a goal of $50,000. Here is a link to the website…….