Classic Diners of Massachusetts, a new book in the near future!

Back in mid-Janurary, I was contacted by Jeff Saraceno, a Commissioning Editor with The History Press, a noted publisher of local history books headquartered in Charleston, SC. He had been web surfing for ideas and possible authors and came across this Weblog.

Jeff thought that a possible History book about Classic New England Diners might be something to explore and asked me what I thought. I told him I was certainly interested and that I would like to think it over. I immediately started doing my own research into The History Press. I was familiar with the publisher as an aquaintence of mine, Barbara Kerr of the Medford Public Library (Medford, Massachusetts) had put together a book for them entitled “Glimpses of Medford – Selections from the Historical Register” that was published in 2007.

I contacted Barbara and asked her about her time working with The History Press and she told me it was a positive experience. In turn, Barbara put me in touch with Dee Morris who also penned  two books for the publisher, one entitled “Medford, Massachusetts –  A Brief History” and another entitled “Somerville, Massachusetts – A Brief History”. Dee also expressed positive feelings about working with the publisher.

I did some web surfing myself and read up on the publisher and realized that they are the parent company of Tempus Publishing, Inc. which in turn happens to have an imprint called Arcadia Publishing (the people who put out the Images of America books). The major difference between the books published by The History Press and Arcadia’s Images of America series is that the books put out by The History Press are heavier on text and have fewer photos.

I bought a copy of Barbara Kerr’s book and checked it out. Then I got back to Jeff and told him I thought that trying to do a book of Diners in New England would not really be feasible for the size book that they publish. Jeff then asked what about splitting it up and start with just Massachusetts? I told him that would certainly work better. He sent me an authors proposal to fill out and I also put together a short outline of how I would approach it.

I sent everything off to him this past weekend and he presented it to his people at a weekly meeting today and they accepted it! So I hopefully will have a contract this coming weekend and it looks like I have to get cracking!

So, if everything goes ok, the book entitled Classic Diners of Massachusetts will be published either this fall (if I can get it together fairly quick) or at the very latest by the holidays!