10 years of Blogging – Diner Hotline style!

I know I have been largely absent from blogging this past year. This has been to my on-going project of scanning all of my 35mm slides (diners and other things, etc.) as well as another personal project I volunteered for last year. The other project involved creating a 100th Anniversary book for my local Catholic church which is winding down at this point and I hope to get it to the printer in the next 2 weeks. I have been extremely active on Facebook and even created a new page called got diners? This page is made up of a good amount of output from the scanning of my diner photos from the last 2 years.

you can find this page at… https://www.facebook.com/got.diners/

But I could not ignore the fact that today is October 31st, a milestone for me! It has been 10 years since Diner Hotline weblog made its debut! I hope to start regular blog posts again with this being the first of more to come.


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