Diner Hotline back from 7 month Hiatus

yours truly sitting at the counter at the original Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH

Well, I know it’s been a while, but I was thinking it is coming up on the 9th anniversary of starting this blog (October 31st), so I decided to resume posting on Diner Hotline! I have been busy attempting to scan the almost 30 years of 35mm prints and slides of Diners (I stopped using film around 2008, while also trying to write another future post about John Baeder (off-line in MS Word). I have pretty much completed the writing on that piece about John Baeder but it needs some tweaking, so it will wait just a little more. I am also gathering the images to be used to illustrate that one. Concentrating on the slide scanning, I was successful in completing the whole first of 3 shelves in my 1920s Jerry O’Mahony “Bun Warmer-turned 35mm slide storage unit”. This has involved in some cases, re scanning some of these slides scanned previously to the standards I have honed in the last couple of years.

So, short & sweet for this post, there will be another one either today or tomorrow featuring an idea I recently explored on my Facebook page about colonial and post modern style vintage diners that made it to Massachusetts after the 1950s.

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