Suffolk Diner in Revere, Mass. reopens!

Frank’s Suffolk Diner, February 9, 2014 photo by Larry Cultrera

The diner last operated as Jonquille’s Diner in Revere, Mass. has reopened in the last 3 weeks under a variation of its original name. The diner operated under the Jonquille’s name since 2002 by John Ribeird Jr. closed circa 2010. Even though it has stayed closed for almost 4 years, the current owner to his credit did clean the place up as the previous management had let it go slightly down hill.

Frank’s Suffolk Diner, February 9, 2014 photo by Larry Cultrera

The diners original name was the Suffolk Diner and was built on-site in the style of a barrel roof Worcester Lunch Car from the 1930’s. Originally operated by Frank V. Scigliano, his son Fran was the last family member to operate it until sometime in the 1990s. I believe it changed hands once before coming under the management of Ribeird.

Frank’s Suffolk Diner, February 9, 2014 photo by Larry Cultrera

It has finally been reborn as Frank’s Suffolk Diner by Carolina and Frank Guerrero who had previously operated the Broadway Diner in Arlington, Mass. That diner was housed in a former Dairy Queen building. The landlord of that property boosted the monthly rent to an unreasonable amount and the Guerrero’s decided it was time to close that establishment. In searching for another place they inquired about the closed Suffolk Diner and Carolina said that they were in the running to take it over along with one other interested party. The Guerrero’s got the OK to operate it because of their vast experience and after some updating of equipment, etc., reopened the diner within the last month.

Suffolk Diner, 1980s photo by Larry Cultrera

Suffolk Diner, 1980s photo by Larry Cultrera

Denise and I went for breakfast last Sunday and met Carolina and Frank. They seem to be doing well with the place and has a decent menu. You can get details here at… Their operating hours are 5:30 am to 3:00 pm, 7 days a week. They are located at 275 Lee Burbank Highway (Rte. 1A) in Revere, just outside the Suffolk Downs Racetrack. You can also find them on Facebook…

One thought on “Suffolk Diner in Revere, Mass. reopens!

  1. I feel bad about never have visited this diner, even though, upon leaving Logan and driving north, I’ve been past it many, many times! So glad to hear it’s back up and running. Thanks, Larry!

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