Rindge, NH’s Hometown Diner opens

Back in June I wrote about a diner being relocated to Rindge, NH from Ohio by way of Kentucky.  This was the Hometown Diner a 1949 (Silk City No. 4931) Which had been restored by Steve Harwin’s Diversified Diners out of Cleveland, OH.
You can read that post here…. https://dinerhotline.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/new-home-for-hometown-diner/.  I revisited the diner on Labor Day weekend to see what progress had been made and there were close to a dozen workmen swarming the place to get it ready for opening.

Hometown Diner being worked on – August 30, 2013 photo by Larry Cultrera

Well I am happy to announce that the diner finally opened on October 4th and by all accounts, the place has been swamped with large amount of customers since the opening! I received an email from Bob Higgins this past Friday relating his experience and he gave it a very good review.  Denise and I took a ride this Sunday to have breakfast there. It was a little foggy driving out and the first photo will show a little of that…..

Hometown Diner, now open…. October 13, 2013 photo by Larry Cultrera

Owner Tim Halliday was able to get a seasoned food service professional, Bonita “Bonnie” Rosengrant to operate the new diner. They hired a crew of locals as waitstaff who all seem pleasant and efficient.

Interior of Hometown Diner before the Sunday crowds showed up.
October 13, 2013 photo by Larry Cultrera

Interior of add-on dining room looking toward the diner. Notice the newly installed green and black ceramic tile that was installed on the wall to match the diner’s tile work. October 13, 2013 photo by Larry Cultrera

Interior of add-on dining room looking from the diner. Restrooms are down that hallway. October 13, 2013 photo by Larry Cultrera

Hometown Diner in the emerging sun light after breakfast.
October 13, 2013 photo by Larry Cultrera

As is usually the case, things have not gone smoothly as the crew was having problems keeping up with the crowds in the first days of operation. I understand that the kitchen needs to be reconfigured to facilitate better work flow as the initial week of operation has uncovered flaws with the original layout. So the diner is closed today (Tuesday the 15th) and the contractors will be working furiously to rearrange the layout and hopefully have it open by tomorrow. The food we had was delicious and with the serving staff getting use to the operation, service will certainly improve. It seems like people are flocking to the diner and I hope that Bonnie Rosengrant and her crew have a  nice long run with the Hometown Diner!

One thought on “Rindge, NH’s Hometown Diner opens

  1. Hello. I own three diners in Michigan (one is probably the most famous of all diners…a Paramount car known as Rosie’s Diner). I have a few people interested in purchasing these and moving them. I am hoping for some names of moving companies capable or experienced in such a move? Can you help me?

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