Salem Diner being sold to University

Salem Diner, April 5, 2009 photo by Larry Cultrera

I was totally surprised to read that George and Zoe Elefteriadis, owner/operators of the Salem Diner of Salem . Mass. have been made an offer they could not refuse. Neighboring Salem State University has just announced they are buying the diner from the Elefteriadis’ for $600,000. Denise and I are fairly regular customers and try to get there at least once every 2 weeks or more. Anyway, here is an article from the Salem News about the pending sale……

I will attempt to find out more this Saturday when we head up for breakfast bright and early.

6 thoughts on “Salem Diner being sold to University

  1. Does the Salem Diner have any kind of historic designation or protection? $600,000 is a lot of money- I wonder how much other land they have at this site. Very disturbing.

    • Bill,
      The Salem Diner was built by J.B. Judkins Comapny of Merrimac, Massachusetts. Their product name was Sterling Diners. Therefor, the Salem is the model known as a Sterling Streamliner. In fact the Salem is one of only 2 streamliners still operating. There were quite a few Sterling diners in Rochester, NY and I believe some or most of them were part of a chain. There were streamliners and standard models including at least one “dinette” model (a smaller diner) located there.

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