Posted by: dinerhotline | November 29, 2012

32nd Anniversary of documenting diners

Today, November 29th marks the day, 32 years ago I took this photo of the Bypass Diner
in Harrisburg, PA. So, as of today I have photographed approximately 830 different diners
since that fateful day. It of course ultimately lead me to do countless slide presentations as
well as many interviews for newspapers and magazines, not to mention the TV shows like
Chronicle (Channel 5, in Boston) and CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt. I cannot
ignore that this blog is a direct result as well as the publishing of my book last year
(Classic Diners of Massachusetts).

So far it has been a pretty wild ride!


  1. A quick check on Google maps shows it still there Larry. Congratulations! I believe that your efforts over these 32 years has helped in preserving these treasures.,Herr+St+%26+N+20th+St,+Harrisburg,+PA+17103&gl=us&ei=bFi3UJqOA4T_ygHUp4H4Ag&sqi=2&ved=0CCwQ8gEwAA

  2. Congratulations on your Dinerversary, Larry! Your information and insight into the history of these unique American icons has been an asset to me, starting waaay before I even conceived of Retro Roadmap, and I thank you!

  3. Thank you Len and Beth. It is safe to say that we would not even know each other if it wasn’t for diners!

  4. Congratulations, Larry! I love your stories (both old and new) and you are certainly an inspiration to those of us who love diners!
    I just may have to stop for breakfast at the American Dream tomorrow to celebrate :)

  5. Larry- Thanks for your hard work. It’s always a treat to read your new posts.

  6. Larry, Your knowledge and constant discoveries make you a true torchbearer for the Diner community. Thank You!

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