Rosebud Diner is definitely being sold

Back in February I posted a brief blurb about the possible sale of the Rosebud Diner of Davis Square in Somerville, Mass. At that time the news reports stated that the diner and property were being sold to Tasty Burger, a new chain of Hamburger joints in the Boston area. Well that deal never went thru and within 2 or 3 months another rumor reared its head that the diner was again possibly being sold by the Nichols family. I spoke with my buddy, Bill Nichols at that point and he said he was hearing these rumors but had no idea if his dad Gally Nichols was indeed selling the place or not.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon when I called Billy just to shoot the breeze and the first thing he said was that his dad was selling the diner, to who, he did not know. He thought the deal might go thru sometime in the next month or so but could not be sure as he was not privy to any of the details. Billy seemed resigned to this fact and I could tell he was not happy. There was not much that I could say to him and to tell the truth, personally I am a little sad about this also. I can only hope whoever buys the diner understands what they have and hopefully keep the building intact and operating as a classic diner.

On another note, I am working on a new post that had to get put on hold due to problems with my regular desktop PC. I hope to have it back before the weekend and then I can finish the slide scanning I started for that post and get it up soon. I am also waiting to see a guest post I wrote for The History Press Blog online soon. I had heard it might be posted this week but I still haven’t seen it up to this point.

5 thoughts on “Rosebud Diner is definitely being sold

  1. I hope to hell they do sell, to better people.I worked there years ago and Bill was running the business for Gally. He was the rude to the workers {including] his girl friend that worked there too. The way he treated the customers was rude like I never could believe. I was surprised he lasted soo long. I hope the new people are nice, then I will go there. I have not been there since the day I quit!

    • Hi Faith, I am sorry to hear of your bad experience working at the Rosebud Diner. I personally have know Bill for 30 years and know he can be a little rough. I will say he always seems to be rushed and a bit high strung. Outside of the diner he certainly is a different person.

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