Buddy’s Diner to reopen

Buddy’s Diner, 113 Washington Street, Somerville Mass.
April 2011 photo by Larry Cultrera

I am happy to report that Buddy’s Diner will reopen tomorrow, August 4, 2012. As stated in a previous post a couple of weeks ago, Buddy’s had been seized by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue for non-payment of taxes.

As soon as this happened, the rumor mill was very active and chief among them was the story that the diner would reopen soon. In fact the first date I heard was this coming Monday. But today I received an email from David Hebb stating that the diner will in fact open at 5:30 am tomorrow. I would tend to believe Dave as he is a regular customer at Buddy’s going back 30 plus¬†years now.

So it seems that owner Nicole Bairos has made an arrangement with the DOR to make some sort of restitution. I may make a visit myself tomorrow and check things out.