Somerville, Mass’ Buddy’s Diner seized for non-payment of taxes

I just received word from Brian Ballou, a reporter for the Boston Globe that an old time favorite of mine, Buddy’s Diner has been seized by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue for non-payment of taxes. This apparently happened yesterday, July 18th.

Buddy’s Diner – 113 Washington Street, Somerville, Mass.
April, 2011 photo by Larry Cultrera

According to Mr. Ballou, this has been coming on for quite some time, in fact he mentioned that a seizure is usually the last resort for the Dept. of Revenue when all other options have been exhausted. The amount of taxes owed is quite substantial and more than likely the diner will be auctioned off to get some of the monies owed at some point in the future.

Buddy’s Diner is a 1929 vintage Worcester Lunch Car (WLC No. 624) that originally operated in Leominster as Sawin’s Diner and reportedly came to Somerville in the early 1950’s. Although it is not included in the Multiple Property Submissions for the National Register of Historic Places, it nonetheles is designated a Landmark through the Somerville Historic Commission.

I am saddened by this news, even though I have not patronized the diner on a regular basis in the last few years. At various times I was there every morning before work. Back in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, during a stint working for a company in the Allston section of Boston and again more recently when I was employed down the street at Acme Bookbinding in Charlestown just 4 short years ago. Buddy’s was one of the featured diners in my book “Classic Diners of Massachusetts” (published last October by The History Press).

I will keep tabs on this and hope that the diner can possibly reopen sometime in the near future.