Looks like possible problems for Lawton’s Famous Frankfurters in Lawrence

I have been keeping tabs on the progress of the future reopening of Lawton’s Famous Frankfurters at a new location in South Lawrence, Mass. The securing of this new location is in the works according to business owner Joanne Curley. They are hoping to start construction on a new building located on a vacant lot at the corner of South Union and Jamaica Streets in the very near future. Regular readers of this blog may recall I have posted a couple of times (back in December & January) about the closing of the business at its longtime location by the South Canal in Lawrence, see……  https://dinerhotline.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/lawtons-famous-frankfurters-may-close-by-dec-31st/ and….. https://dinerhotline.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/lawtons-famous-frankfurters-1929-2010/

Joanne Curley behind the counter at the original location of Lawton’s

I recieved a message thru Facebook the other day from Joanne, and she is very upset (rightfully so) about some recent developments that have popped up. In the message from Joanne, she wanted to let people know that something was happening at Lawton’s old location. It seems the owner of the property has advertised the fact that a new business is opening that would infringe on Lawton’s menu and reputation. Here is what she wrote…

WARNING: sign at old Lawton’s location “LAWRENCE FAMOUS FRANKFURTS coming soon” & they still are using Lawton’s old telephone number too!!!!  Don’t be fooled folks, It Is NOT Lawton’s…it’s just a ploy to get you there~~ OMG…see how low some people are…Unbelievable!
Please pass this info on…Thank You…I will keep you posted with all Lawton’s info

In a further message she stated…
LAWTON’S needs your support: City of Lawrence licensing board meeting on Wed. 4/13 @ 7pm. Please try to attend~ The more people in attendance the better! Help us stop them~~old location owner is capitalizing on Lawton’s history by using a similar NAME, 1929 date is used in his new sign (the building was not built in 1929, just a ploy). He even has a similar Hot Dog pan out in front! HE also advertized my menu on Craigslist trying to Sell the building. Please pass this on..Thanks
Seems like a pretty low blow to me. I told Joanne I would help out by posting this on Diner Hotline. I am definitely in her corner and I hope the licensing board sees that this is wrong and should not be allowed to go forward!

5 thoughts on “Looks like possible problems for Lawton’s Famous Frankfurters in Lawrence

  1. I don’t understand the thought process behind trying to open a new business there, especially a hot dog one. If the reasons that Lawton’s closed down after 80 years still exist (bridge construction, canal wall construction etc.) then a new business would not do well there either. If Lawton’s wasn’t able to be profitable with those factors impacting business, how could a business without their legacy even think they would survive? Keep us posted Larry!

  2. Drove by here the other day and something or somebody must have gotten to them, because their new name has changed to something like Lawrence Frankfurt Haus and Grill

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