Changing The Salem Diner to Larry’s Diner

I have been wanting to duplicate that animated GIF trick that Wendyvee of Roadside Wonders blog did with a photo of mine from 1980 and one she and her friend John Featherlin duplicated from December, 2010, see……….

 She had told me what programs she had used to do this but I did not have those. The other day I was looking at the email she sent with some of that info and decided to look at software I already had on my computer. I checked out Photoscape which I believe came with one of my digital cameras and lo and behold, the program had that option. So below is a result of trying it out.

This is a digital photo I took a number of years ago of The Salem Diner. I had been playing around in Photoshop about 4 years ago when I had nothing better to do and alterred a copy of the original. First thing I did was put a streamlined end on the left side to match the right. Then I changed the neon sign on the roof to read “Larry’s Diner”. I did the same for the backlit sign on the pole to the right. To be sure, the people with sharp eyes should see some other changes as well.

5 thoughts on “Changing The Salem Diner to Larry’s Diner

  1. Very cool! We need a double ended Sterling Streamliner back in service since there aren’t any operating now.

    The easiest Larry’s Diner, of course, would be Lamy’s Diner at the Henry Ford Museum – just switch out the “m” for “rr” (and I know you have the panel!)

  2. This is really cool, Larry. I’ve seen this effect before, and I always tell myself that someday I am going to learn how to do it.

    Since my daughter watches so many cartoons, it makes me think it would be a good gag for a cartoon…Salem and Larry are inside the diner, arguing over who owns it, so they just keep flipping a switch that instantly changes the outside. 🙂

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