Coming Soon to Diner Hotline…. the history of the Rosedale Diner and how it came to be The Abandoned Luncheonette

Larry Cultrera finding The Abandoned Luncheontette, February 26, 1982

In an early post I did on November 7, 2007 (“The Diner in my Header”), I mentioned I would update a story I wrote in 1991 for a “Diner Hunting” column in the 4th edition of Roadside Magazine about finding The Abandoned Luncheonette, the diner on the cover of Daryl Hall & John Oates’ second LP record album. This update would include newly acquired background and info on the diner with lots of photos from my own archives as well as photos donated by friends and family members of the diner owner Bill Faulk.

I have mentioned this at least twice since then and am happy to announce that within the week, the longest post ever to appear on Diner Hotline will be posted! I am proud to say this post will be co-authored by my friend Matt Simmons who has put together the bulk of info and penned the most complete story of the Rosedale Diner ever written!

So, in anticipation of the post to be finalized, here are the lyrics to my favorite Hall & Oates tune (written by Daryl Hall)……..

They sat in an Abandoned Luncheonette
Sipping imaginary cola and drawing faces in the tabletop dust
His voice was rusty from years as a sergeant in “this man’s army”
He was old and crusty

She was twenty when the diner was a baby
He was the dishwasher, busy in the back, his hands covered with Gravy
Hair black and wavy
Brilliantine slick, a pot – cleaning dandy,
He was young and randy

Day to day, to day… today
then they were old, their lives wasted away
Month to month, year to year
they all run together
time measured by the peeling of paint on the luncheonette wall

The old sat together in the empty diner
filled with cracked china
Old news was blowing across the filthy floor
and the sign on the door read “this way out”, that’s all it read
that’s all it said

I noticed that one line in the lyrics (as written on the inner sleeve of the album) differed from the way Daryl Hall sang them. The line that said “He was old and crusty” was how Daryl sang it, on the inner sleeve it said “They were old and crusty”.  LAC