Diner Stools for sale!

I was contacted by Jon Femia of Connecticut who recently obtained 3 vintage diner stools. He sent me some photos of these stools and they look to be in near perfect condition.

Jon says he does not know where or what diner they came from and would prefer to sell them as a” lot” ( not individually), and would like about $50 each for them if that is reasonable.  He is open to negotiating the price. If anyone is interested in buying these from Jon, you can contact him at  j_nfma99@hotmail.com

Regency Shop Bar Stools

Ironically I also heard from Susan who has the RegencyShop.com website. They offer modern bar stools right now but she assures me they will surely be adding traditional diner stools very soon. They also offer an interesting selection of  furniture and accessories. The website is at……
http://www.regencyshop.com/ and their phone number is 1-866-766-2680