Michael Perlman requests help for NYC’s Empire Diner

Empire Diner, photo early 1980’s by Larry Cultrera

Michael Perlman who was instrumental in helping to save 2 other New York City diners (the Moondance Diner and the Cheyenne Diner) from destruction is now on a new crusade to keep the Empire Diner intact. The former operators lost their lease recently and the new operators are planning to make changes (including the name).

LAC – If they do make changes, I hope it is just operational and not physical as I personally do not want to see this iconic diner altered.  Anyway here is the press release Michael has put out to various interested parties……

Hi Everyone, This is very important. Please help…

Under the NYC Landmarks Law, the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission designated landmark status to the historic Empire Diner, which is a 1946 Art Deco freestanding diner by mastermind Joseph Fodero of the Fodero Dining Car Co). It is of a dying breed, since it is one of the last of 2 highly intact examples in Manhattan, which was once dotted with freestanding diners. The Empire Diner is a marked contributing property to the city’s Historic District. Note the Dept of Buildings’ classification for 210 10th Ave as L for Landmark: http://a810-bisweb.nyc.gov/bisweb/PropertyProfileOverviewServlet?boro=1&houseno=210&street=10th+ave&requestid=0&s=A03C41B885

HOW YOU CAN HELP: As many people as possible need to call the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s investigation unit and main phone number, and ask why the Empire State Building model was removed from the top corner of the landmarked facade of the Empire Diner at 210 10th Ave, and also mention that the new operators likely plan on changing the famed name (according to many press clips), which to our knowledge also has protection under the Landmarks Law. E

mpire Diner with ESB model: http://www.flickr.com/photos/professorbop/720225154/  Diner with ESB gone astray: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tanjatiziana/4775179361/  Is the latter photo the ideal of progress? We believe a permit would need to be approved by the Landmarks Commission first, so it is imperative that they know.

1. Call the LPC investigation unit – Diane Simonson at (212) 669-7948
2. Also call the main LPC # for Dir of Research Mary Beth Betts, and make her aware of the ESB removal and diner name endangerment. The interior should also be recommended for Interior Landmark status (facade already has landmark status). Mary Beth Betts is reachable at (212) 669-7700.

Please call, & tell your friends to call as well. Keep Michael Perlman informed of your correspondence with the LPC via unlockthevault@hotmail.com Thank you,
Michael Perlman
Rego-Forest Preservation Council, Chair (Rego Park & Forest Hills) http://regoforestpreservation.blogspot.com/  
Four Borough Preservation Alliance Corp, Queens VP Queens Preservation Council, Bd. of Dir. Central Queens Historical Association, Bd. of Dir. Friends of The Ridgewood Theatre, Chair Friends of The RKO Keith’s Flushing Theatre, Member Committee To Save The Forum Diner/Cheyenne Diner/Moondance Diner, Chair
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