Notes from the Hotline, 5-16-2010

Breakfast visit to the Miss Worcester Diner

Yesterday was a fine day to take a short road trip out to Worcester, Mass. Picked up Steve Repucci in Acton, Mass. and headed out to the Miss Worcester Diner for breakfast.

Miss Worcester Diner, WLC No. 812, May 15, 2010 photo by Larry Cultrera

I did not feel guilty for not going to my current favorite…  Blanchard’s 101 Diner (Denise and I had been there 2 weeks ago). I felt it was time to hit another Worm-town diner and picked the Miss Woo because I have been trying to get a t-shirt from this place for at least 2 years. Every time I go there, they are out of stock (this time included). Proprietor Kim Kniskern said she is planning on getting some new ones ordered soon.

Miss Worcester Diner, WLC No. 812, May 15, 2010 photo by Larry Cultrera

I had not eaten there in a while and was impressed by the menu, a really huge selection for breakfast and lunch including specials for such a small diner. I went with the “Italian” breakfast which seems like a specialty of most diners in Worcester. I’ve gotten this at the Boulevard Diner, the Parkway Diner, and Blanchard’s 101 Diner. Basically eggs, homefries, Italian sausage, red sauce and Italian (scali bread) toast, the Miss Worcester’s version was as tasty as any of the others and they gave you 2 sausages (these are really long) and they slice them length-wise for cooking faster.

We were disturbed to see the window on the extreme right front of the diner was smashed. Someone had broken into the diner the night before and stole some change out of the register. (Luckily Kim does not keep cash overnight at the diner. Now she has to get the window glass replaced.

Checking the progress of the Blue Belle Diner installation

After breakfast we drove out Lincoln Street to see what’s happening with the Blue Belle Diner installation at Dinky’s Restaurant in Shrewsbury. This diner is a sister diner to the Miss Worcester as the Car No’s will attest.

Blue Belle Diner, WLC No. 814, May 15, 2010 photo by Larry Cultrera

It looks like the exterior of the diner is finalized since the last time we were there. It is now raised up a foot with a row of concrete blocks on top of the poured foundation and the building linking the diner to Dinky’s has been built along with the addition behind the diner.

Blue Belle Diner, WLC No. 814, May 15, 2010 photo by Larry Cultrera

A glance inside the rear building as well as thru the diner into the atrium that connects to Dinky’s reveals that not much has been done to the interior since the exterior was buttoned up. I will have to email owner Bruce Trotto to find out what the delay is. Hopefully it is not stalled for long.

Blue Belle Diner, WLC No. 814, May 15, 2010 photo by Larry Cultrera

Kane’s Donuts of Saugus, Mass. is being expanded

Kane’s Donuts prior to expansion and renovation

Kane’s Donuts last August after preparation started for construction to the right of the building.

It has been in the works for a while and construction was started last summer. The legendary Kane’s Donuts of Saugus is finally getting closer to having a larger store (including an expanded kitchen/bakery). The Delios family’s plans called for the relocation of the entrance (which is now handicapped accessible) to the right in the addition that accesses a new parking area. The new addition has included handicapped restrooms as well.

Kane’s Donuts with expanded building in progress.

The Kane’s Donuts “sign” has been moved to a pole about 10- 15  feet from where it had been mounted on the building. The window where the newspaper machines are currently located was the former entrance. The Delios’ also are planning to open other stores in the future. In my humble opinion these are the best donuts anywhere!!!!

3 thoughts on “Notes from the Hotline, 5-16-2010

  1. hey Larry I just happened to hit dinky’s yesterday for the first time with my daughter to check out the progress. While there I asked how the addition was coming, waitress said it will be ready in July…

  2. Kane’s donuts are by far the best. I’ve spread the word about them for years, ever since I stumbled across them by accident. I’m completely spoiled by them. Only a handful of places come close, all small independents; Verna’s Donut Shop in North Cambridge and The Coffee Shop in Rockport are also excellent. But Kane’s jelly donuts can’t be beat.

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