Class of 1957 visits their old Hang-out

Murphy’s Diner in storage, Haverhill, Mass. – 1981

Here is an update on my post from November about Murphy’s Diner….
where I mentioned that the (North Cambridge, Mass.) Matignon High School class of 1957 classmates were slated to visit their old hang-out, Murphy’s Diner now operating as the 50’s American Diner in England this month.

I got an email from Maryellen McCarthy last week informing me she and 10 of her classmates were flying over to England on Friday, April 30th. They were meeting a relative of one of their classmates who lives in England and taking a train from London to the South Derbyshire station on Monday May 3rd, where they were greeted by the local Antique Car club who ferried them approx. 6 miles to the diner in an impromptu parade.

50’s American Diner, South Derbyshire, England

Check out this piece from the BBC….

According to Maryellen, Jeff Laight and Trish Whitehouse were gracious hosts and their staff were courteous and friendly. Also the food was really good and the 2 hours that the classmates were there flew by.

I am a little proud to say that if Maryellen had not attended my Local Roadside Memories slide presentation last June, this little adventure would not have happened.