New England’s 2nd Sonic Drive-In rises, soon to open.

Regular readers of this blog may recall my post from August, 2009 about New England’s 1st Sonic Drive-In opening  in Peabody, Mass., see…… .  At that time I had heard the franchise owners Greg & Gina Monastiero of Lynnfield, Mass. were going to open a few of these in the future. The rumors were that Methuen and Wilmington, Mass. were the next 2 after Peabody.

Well as I write this, the Wilmington site is being constructed right now. I saw that the site was being prepared around 3 or 4 weeks ago when I was driving north on Rte. 38 on my way to Tony & Ann’s Pizza in Dracut. I drove over there last Saturday to take a few shots of the progress and suspect the Drive-In will open possibly in May (maybe sooner). An interesting note about this site in Wilmington is that there is a McDonald’s right next door!

Newly installed street sign with the Mc-Arch’s next door.

Street sign with the construction of the building. Looks like this will be very similar to the Peabody, Mass. Sonic.

Another view of the building from the front of the lot.

This was once the site of an auto dealership.

8 thoughts on “New England’s 2nd Sonic Drive-In rises, soon to open.

  1. “Now Swingle liked to place his diners next to McDonalds. You will notice that today many chain restaurants congregate together. The chains recognize what Swingle recognized. That the more restaurants you have together, the more people come to that area.”

    (Posted in the RoadsideFans Group January 15, 2007 by… Mike Engle)

  2. Would love it if some of these chains would come to Maine. Seriously, it’s like everyone treats my state like Canada. Come north, please. We like cheeseburgers and hotdogs too.

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