Diner Hotline (& me) are mentioned in a Philadelphia Inquirer article on the upcoming reopening of Camden, NJ’s Elgin Diner

Elgin Diner photo circa June, 1993 by Larry Cultrera

While  Denise and I were visiting her sister Sarah in Laconia, NH on Saturday evening. I borrowed Sarah’s laptop computer to check my email. Among the emails was a post from Glenn Wells on his Roadside Fans Yahoo Group message board with text from a Philadelphia Inquirer article. The article was about Camden, NJ’s Elgin Diner. It said the diner was soon to reopen which is welcome news to classic diner afficianados who know this diner. As I was reading, I was surprised to see that myself and this blog were mentioned!  Matt Katz the staff reporter who wrote the Phiily Inquirer article must have seen my post from March of last year, see it at…..
https://dinerhotline.wordpress.com/2009/03/22/camden-njs-elgin-diner-in-trouble/. Thanks to Matt Katz for the mention!

You can check it out at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/local/83701632.html

2 thoughts on “Diner Hotline (& me) are mentioned in a Philadelphia Inquirer article on the upcoming reopening of Camden, NJ’s Elgin Diner

  1. Hi, That picture you have of Rays Diner from Fitchburg was interesting as I used to eat there a lot. It must have been closed down though sometime after 1970 as that is when I left Fitchburg to move to San Diego CA. It had started out as a small diner but they redid it to be able to handle more customers and add liquor, hence the larger addition to the rear. I had been in the back a few times they had tables back there but I liked the front part the best.

    I happen to run across this page because I was looking for info on several different diners in Fitchburg back in the 50s and 60s, but couldn’t find what I wanted. I was looking for info on the Pullman Diner in Fitchburg. Hope this helped you though.

    There used to be a nice silver Diner in Ayer, MA but I saw on google earth that it is a bank now. And another in Leominster’s Monument Square as you head out Rt. 12 towards Worcester. And another further down 12 just before you cross Wachusett Reservoir. I will stop now cause it is late here and I cannot find what I want but thanks for this bit of history really enjoyed it.


    Donna M. Toussaint

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