Miss Mendon Diner announces upcoming Grand Opening!

Photo courtesy of Michael O’Donovan and the Miss Mendon Diner

Back on this past Labor Day weekend, I posted about driving out to see the progress of the Miss Mendon Diner, located on Route 16 in Mendon, Massachusetts. See here for that post…
https://dinerhotline.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/2009-labor-day-weekend-diner-updates/. In that post I mentioned about the history of this diner which was formerly the Miss Newport Diner of Newport, VT, (the diner’s only operating location since it was brand-new in 1950).

It had been reportedly sold to Kevin Meehan, the owner of Imperial Cars, a multi-brand auto dealership in Mendon within the last 2 years after spending a number of years in storage at a location in Salisbury, Mass. After visiting and shooting some great photos of it, I ended up talking with Kevin on the phone shortly after and he told me he hoped to open the diner by November. Well, as we have seen in the past good things take time.

About a month and a half later I got a call from Michael O’Donovan who had just been hired by Kevin Meehan to be the general manager of the Miss Mendon. We have been in contact  since and I have been kept informed of the progress. In fact there are some photos of mine on their website…
http://www.missmendondiner.com/ , check them out under photos/history. Michael also has started a Facebook fan page for the diner and been trying to keep people informed that way with their effort to open the diner.

It was finally announced within the last 24 hours that the diner will have its Grand Opening on Wednesday, January 20th at 6:00 AM!

Photo courtesy of Michael O’Donovan and the Miss Mendon Diner

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