Winchester, VA’s Triangle Diner named State Landmark

early postcard view of the Triangle Diner from my collection

The currently closed Triangle Diner of Winchester, VA, a 1948 vintage Jerry O’Mahony diner has been named to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Landmark List according to the following Associated Press article with Information from: The Winchester Star,…….

Historic Winchester diner on Va. landmarks list

WINCHESTER, Va. – The 61-year-old Triangle Diner in Winchester has been placed on the Virginia Landmarks Register. The diner also has been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places. It’s one of 10 prefabricated stainless-steel diners in Virginia and has stood in Winchester since 1948.

The Triangle Diner is owned by Dulles-based Medallion 7 Financial. Managing director Michael Lessin says the diner is one of the few remaining examples of that type of architecture. The diner is closed but Lessin says the company plans to restore it and reopen it in the spring or summer. Lessin says the company plans to invest about $1 million in the restoration.

slightly later postcard view of the Triangle Diner from my collection

I first knew about the Triangle Diner with one of the earliest inclusions to my diner postcard collection, the one pictured above (full color real photo card). Later, October 10, 1986 to be exact, Steve Repucci and myself were following U.S. Rte. 11 from Harrisburg, PA to Knoxville, TN and we stopped to have lunch at the Triangle Diner. It is said that legendary Country-Western singer Patsy Cline worked here before rising to stardom. Below are my 3 photos shot that day in 1986.

Triangle Diner photo copyright 1986 by Larry Cultrera

Triangle Diner photo copyright 1986 by Larry Cultrera

Triangle Diner photo copyright 1986 by Larry Cultrera

Here’s hoping the 1million dollar restoration the article mentions includes removing that roof that connects the diner to the rear kitchen addition so the diner will be more visible! If the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places goes through, it will join 3 other diners from Virginia already there, namely the 29 Diner of Fairfax, Bill’s Diner of Chatham and Burnett’s Diner of Chatham.

7 thoughts on “Winchester, VA’s Triangle Diner named State Landmark

  1. The number is 11 if you only count vintage diners (How many diners in Virginia)

    4 – Starlite
    1 – USA Diners
    1 – Triad Building Systems
    2 – Post Modern
    1 – Environmental

    That brings the # to 20. Not including a greatly remodeled Little Chef in Roanoke, an unverified Starlite and some trolley cars that used to be diners. Oh, and the L&S in Harrisonburg. And the diner across the street from the Tastee 29 that is covered up.(Thanks to Spencer Stewart for that info)

    • Mike the 2 diners in Chatham are the trolley diners I believe. They are on the Multiple Listing for Virginia’s National Register Listings. The 29 Diner is listed individually.

  2. We have a late 40’s 10′ Fischman soda fountain with the bar back which includes a griddle, double french fryer, and a 2 burner hot plate. It has a double sink also 3 bin ice cream freezer and the ceramic topping dispensers. It’s tough to find info on them.
    We have a game room with 50’s collectibles that go with the soda fountain. Diner dishes, banana boats, soda glasses, etc.
    It’s great to hear that the diner will be restored and remain there. We’ve eaten there many times.

  3. Larry –

    According to owner Mike Lessin, they will indeed remove all that horrible wood and bring the diner back to nearly original condition, without, he assured me, any modern “renovations.” In addition, he recently told me that they will be taking down the sign/clock and restoring it. I have some recent photos, from about two months ago, which I will try to scout up and forward. But as of right now, this seems very hopeful!


    • They are working away on it. Looks like they are doing a great job. If yall need pictures just let me know. I’m right down the street from the dinner.

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