New Postcard for Rosebud Diner soon to be printed

In 1997, a couple of years after the Rosebud Diner, (Worcester Lunch Car #773) of Somerville, Mass. was rehabbed and reopened as a diner in 1995 (after operating for over 30 years as a bar), owner Bill Nichols asked me to help him create a postcard for the diner. You see he had a postcard display in the corridor leading to the kitchen and restrooms from Hot Stamp Postcards. The deal was if you let Hot Stamp in with one of their displays you would be able to have postcards of your establishment printed for free.

Originally Bill had some postcards printed by Hot Stamp featuring the Don Sawyer painting of the Rosebud Diner. As I recall Don may have objected to the image he painted being on a postcard (I might be wrong about that). Anyway, Bill wanted a new one so I jumped in and created a postcard as per Hot Stamp’s guidelines provided by Billy. I decided to use a slide I had shot the day of the grand reopening of the Rosebud (as a diner). Being that the diner was still not fully restored on the outside at that time I utilized Adobe Photoshop on the scanned image to fix things to make it look like it was restored.

Fast forward to 2009, the Diner gave away its last postcard some time ago and Billy wanted to order some more. I suggested maybe it was time to do a new version and he agreed. I went over to the diner on a nice and bright Sunday in August and shot maybe 6 or 7 different images, the early afternoon light was so perfect, I could not believe it! I downloaded all the shots and I liked all of them but ended up using an almost similar shot to the older postcard. It was still the best angle.

Being that there were still some trim pieces missing from an aborted attempt at exterior restoration done 10 years ago as well as some of the front porcelain steel panels on the diner not lining up exactly right, I had to use my Adobe Photoshop skills again to fix things and make the diner look perfect. The results met with both Billy’s and my approval as seen below…


I also contacted GoCards ( the new name for Hot Stamp) and got their new guidelines as I had anticipated things should have changed along with the technology over the last 10 years. Sure enough I could do all my designing in Adobe Illustrator for the layout of both the back and front of the new postcard. Here is the back of the postcard below….


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