Unique Diner Miniature of Collins’ Diner

Marcie Miller contacted me recently with this comment….
My name is Marcie Miller and I make small scale architectural installations.  I was recently commissioned to make a funky replica of Collins’ Diner in Canaan, CT.  It’s just stunning and the family cried when they saw it.  When you open the door, the song “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke plays.

If anyone is interested in seeing my work and commissioning my services, please email me directly:  MARCIESMILLER@SBCGLOBAL.NET





Marcie’s efforts are certainly unique, not something I have ever seen before. Created from an old Toaster Oven, I would almost classify it as a diorama in miniature.

For those not familiar with this diner Collins’ is a 1942 vintage Jerry O’Mahony Diner in relatively original condition. Although they claim to be on the National Register of Historic Places this is a little misleading. The diner is located in a designated historical district that is on the Register, but it is not an individual listing or part of a multiple listing like Massachusetts has. Below is a photo I shot back in the 1980’s of Collins’ Diner.


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