Blue Belle Diner one step closer to reopening after 11 years

The freshly re-painted  Blue Belle Diner installed on it’s new
foundation adjacent to Dinky’s Restaurant in Shrewsbury, Mass.

This is a follow-up from 2 posts I did earlier, the first post was dated May 8th, 2009 and mentioned Bruce Trotto of Dinky’s Restaurant and Cafe of Shrewsbury, Mass. buying the former Blue Belle Diner (Worcester Lunch Car # 814) and moving it from its storage location in Princeton, Mass. to his restaurant’s parking area at that time. See it here at

The second post was dated June 7th and featured my photos of the Blue Belle on the flatbed trailer at Dinky’s. See that here…

Yesterday, Steve Repucci and myself had breakfast at Blanchard’s 101 Diner in Worcester (again) and Chris Blanchard told us that the Blue Belle was placed on its new foundation the day before. So on the way back home we stopped to check it out. We were very surprised to see the whole diner had been repainted and looked brand-new.

The freshly re-painted  Blue Belle Diner installed on it’s new
foundation adjacent to Dinky’s Restaurant in Shrewsbury, Mass.

Owner Bruce Trotto came out and we introduced ourselves. We mentioned the new paint job and he explained what came about. If you view my photos from June you can see how the 1948 vintage diner’s old porcelain covered panels were a little worse for the wear. He said he had them sand blasted with a very fine grit to even things out and give the new paint something to adhere to. He then had them powder-coated painted. The colors were close to the original and everything looked nice with just some touch-up left to do.

One interesting thing I noticed right away is that he had the front left side corner panel as well as the corresponding panel on the right side were lettered with “Booth Service”, matching the corner panels on the front. Bruce is very enthusiastic about the addition to his existing business and told me it has been in the planning for the 2 years since he bought the diner.

The new “Booth Service” lettering on the left side corner panel.

Bruce also said even though the diner is on the foundation, the installation is going to be tweaked by raising the diner up a few inches taller so there will be more headroom under the end overhangs. Also, the diner will be moved forward  a couple of  inches as well to accomodate the diner’s newly squared up frame to fit the wall of the rear addition (the diner’s rear wall had been slightly bowed prior to the squaring-up).

Proud owner Bruce Trotto in front of the newly installed diner.

As the photos reveal, it will be a while until the diner is open but it certainly is well on its way. We will keep you posted when the diner is open for business. It is located at 70 Clinton Street (Rte. 70), Shrewsbury, Mass. and it’s website is