A glimpse into my Diner Coffee Mug Collection

During a conversation at the recent get together in Worcester, Denise Bass and I were talking about our respective Coffee Mug collections. Being that I have been collecting for almost 30 years, my collection is fairly good size. In fact, there are even some that I have designed the logos for.

These shelves hold 29 mugs, among the examples here are 3 that I designed, on the top shelf left top corner is the Central Diner mug (Millbury, Mass.) and just underneath that one is the Tumble Inn Restaurant (Saugus, Mass.). On the next shelf down, middle, top is the Rosebud Diner (Somerville, Mass.). Another interesting one is the rare promo mug from the movie “Diner” on the bottom, second from the left.
On the top shelf of my desk are the Lunch Box Diner (Malden, Mass.) and the second version of the Central Diner with “Worcester Lunch Car #673” added. There are also some other mugs just behind them.

Here is a shot of this table I have. The section of marble counter top
came from Worcester Lunch Car # 805. The pie case came from the old Pullman Diner of Fitchburg, Mass. The pie case has various “Diner” models and memorabilia inside with coffee mugs on top and below.

Here are mugs from the Miss Bellows Falls Diner of Bellows Falls, VT
and Henry’s Diner of Burlington, VT. The Miss Bellows Falls mug was displayed on top of the hood at Buddy’s Diner in Somerville, Mass. for many years and was given to me by Buddy’s former owner John Barrett.

On top of a television set we Have a “blue” version of the Rosebud Diner mug along with one from Chubby’s Diner of Salisbury, Mass.

Here’s one from Kane’s Donuts sitting next to a Kane’s Donuts “clock”
and a “Big Boy” bank.

One from Victoria’s Diner of Boston, Mass. and Blanchard’s 101 Diner
of Worcester, Mass.

A new Dunkin Donuts mug with their original “Dunkie” logo along with one from the Springfield Royal Diner of Springfield, VT.

“Red” versions of the Tumble Inn Diner and Rosebud Diner.

Gibby’s Diner, Quaker Street, NY and Joe’s Diner of Lee, Mass.
Joe’s is famous for being the location for the Norman Rockwell painting “The Runaway”.

Here is an old Ho Jo’s coffee cup with a plastic Ho Jo’s bank.

13 thoughts on “A glimpse into my Diner Coffee Mug Collection

  1. A friend of my wife’s who knew I liked diners got me my first mug – Modern Diner of Pawtucket, RI. I noticed right away it was the Westford China heavy china traditional diner mug, not the cheap stuff some places sell.

    Since then anywhere I’ve been that sells a Westford China mug I usually buy it. One diner (Paugus?) sold a mug that was mostly advertising squares for other businesses so I didn’t get that.

    Maine Diner(OS), Wells, Maine
    Gibby’s Diner(MV), Quaker Street, NY
    Central Diner(W), Millbury, MA
    Moody’s Diner(OS), Waldoboro, ME (not Westford but that style)
    Modern Diner(S), Pawtucket, RI
    Miss Oxford Diner(SC), Oxford, PA

    Larry, knowing you designed the Central Diner mug adds to its value to me!

  2. i found a pencile advertising the Pullman DIner at 764 main st. fitchburg mass in a desk owned by my father. Just for fun I wondered if it might be a collector item. I would appreciate any comment.

    Thanks Peggy Jeannotte
    concord nh.

  3. I love your collection. I see you have 2 mugs that have several local ads printed on the mugs. Curious where those 2 places are? I actually started the company Mugs Across America,Inc. making the ad mugs for restaurants. Started doing it back in 1984. I still have a few restaurants that have been using them every year since 1998. One is Marlows Cafe in Westfield, IN. We replace them every year and print the dates on them each year too. We currently make the ad mugs for 396 restaurants/Diners Nationwide. If you would like any of our ad mugs from Naples, Fla. I’ll mail them to you, because you are such an enthusiest. You can e-mail me at coffeecups2@yahoo.com

    • Thanks Mark, good eye! Yes I only have 2 with ads, the first one is the Martin Diner of Martin, Mich. (I do not believe it is operating anymore) and the second one is from Henry’s Diner of Burlington, VT.

  4. Fantastic collection. My dad used to tell me about the coffee in the Navy that they drank from those Victor mugs on his aircraft carrier during WW II. I’m searching for a source of authentic and functional diner mugs, that I can have imprinted with my bluegrass music logos. Any recommendations?


  5. I have a heavy mug that looks like the one from Gibbys diner in Quaker Street, N. Y. except for the imprint. The imprint on mine is of the Hobo & Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroads 15th Annual Track Car Meet May 30th – June 1st, 2003.

    I would like to know if my mug is safe to use in a Microwave. Thanks for the answer.

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