Notes from the Hotline, 9-5-09

Utah’s Road Island Diner now on
National Register of Historic Places

Photo Copyright 2008 by Kenny Gregrich – Tooele, Utah

About a year ago I posted about the opening of The Road Island Diner in Oakley, Utah after a very extensive (not to mention expensive) top-to-bottom restoration of the 1939 vintage Jerry O’Mahony built diner that formerly operated as Tommy’s Deluxe Diner in Middletown, RI. You can see that post here…

 Well like Randy Garbin (Roadside Online) and Glenn Wells (Roadside Fans Yahoo Group), I too received an email from Keith Walker, the owner of The Road Island Diner who announced that through the efforts of the Utah State Historical Society and the National Park Service, the diner is now the latest to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Here is the text of Keith’s message…..

Dear Larry,
The U.S. Department of the Interior and the National Park Service is pleased to announce the listing of the Summit County’s Road Island Diner (O’Mahony Dining Car # 1107) to the National Register of Historic Places. Its listing and historic significance can be viewed at the NPS link…

and at the Utah State Historical Society link…

FYI, it is Utah’s only standalone restaurant on its historical list. 

Thanks for your support on a great 1st year, Keith Walker

We send Keith our congratulations on a well desrved honor for him and his efforts to help preserve this wonderful piece of Americana!

Cheyenne Diner moving to Alabama from NYC
this coming week

The Market Diner seen here in a 1983 photo, became the
Cheyenne Diner a few years later.

Regular readers of this blog may recall Michael Perlman of NYC mounted an effort last year to save the Cheyenne Diner from being destroyed for redevelopment of the prime real estate it was situated on. In fact I posted two or three times on this subject as it was first announced that Perlman had located a buyer who wanted to relocate the diner to Brooklyn.

Those plans fell through due to logistics and the alert went up again that the diner was not out of danger. Within a short time it was announced that another buyer from Burlingham, Alabama had stepped forward, but since that time I have not heard of any progress until now.

I saw a piece online from that the first of two sections of the diner will start the trek from Manhatten to Birmingham this coming week. Here is the text from that article….

What’s up with that? Cheyenne Diner to start its trek from NYC to Birmingham

Posted By Anne Ruisi – The Birmingham News, September 2, 2009

After months of red tape in New York City, crews will start to move the classic Manhattan eatery Cheyenne Diner to Birmingham next week.  

The diner will make the roughly 987-mile trip in two pieces, with the first half set to start its trek by flatbed truck Tuesday night, said Patti Miller, the diner’s media relations director.

The move will start at night because the city wants the street closed when the first part of the 96-foot diner is lifted off its longtime perch on Ninth Avenue between 34th and 35th streets in the Chelsea neighborhood, Miller said.

She didn’t know how long it will take to get here — “they’ve got to get permits for each state they go through” — or when the second piece will follow.

Birmingham businessman Joel Owens bought the diner and plans to restore it to its 1940s vintage glory. That work will be done here, but a permanent site hasn’t been chosen. The eastern metro area is preferred, Miller has said.

There will be two booths with info on the Cheyenne at Pinson’s Butterbean Festival on Saturday, Miller said.

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