Mike Engle digs up the truth about Burlington, VT’s Henry’s Diner

I got an email from Mike Engle the other day with a link to a pdf document showing an old newspaper clipping. The clipping was from a paper called  The North Countryman, dated April 18, 1935. The page featured a column entitled “Perhaps you didn’t know…..” which included little tidbits of information from the Burlington, VT area. One of those little tidbits included some very interesting info about Henry’s Diner of Bank Street in downtown Burlington.

Henry’s Diner, Burlington, VT

Henry’s Diner the way it looked (1925-1935)

I had often wondered how, when and why the 1925 vintage, barrel-roofed Jerry O’Mahony diner got completely encased within a Spanish style building. One of the stories was that the place had a fire years ago which precipitated the remodelling. Well this little piece from The North Countryman tells the complete and utter truth as to the “How, When and Why” this all happened.
Check this out…..

Perhaps you didn’t know;  that Henry Couture, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Couture, Rouses Point is closing “Henry’s Diner” in Burlington for a few weeks and while he and his family take a short vacation, the place will be rebuilt into a Spanish grill. The Burlington Free Press says: “The only representation of Spanish architecture in Burlington if not in the State will be the new Henry’s Diner on Bank Street, it is said by the designer, H.D. Fielder.” The plans have been drawn and it is expected that work will begin on the building week after next. Not only is the structure to be radically altered, but also it will be enlarged to come flush with the sidewalk. Besides the counter, there will, be seven booths and the present seating capacity will be more than doubled. The exterior will be completely transformed into Spanish lines with a finish of stucco and a red tile roof.

Thanks Mike, great find!

One thought on “Mike Engle digs up the truth about Burlington, VT’s Henry’s Diner

  1. wow, cool stuff! I remember eating at Henry’s years ago and digging their waffles with real maple syrup. At the time there were a number of diners in the area – the Oasis and a couple of others (Parkway?) whose names escape me. I think there was even a Howard Johnson’s in the area. Gosh it’s been forever since I’ve been up to VT! Leaf peeping is always a good excuse for a fall roadtrip…putting Vermont on “The Map” 🙂 – thanks for the reminder, Larry!

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