Lawton’s Hot Dog Stand in Lawrence, Mass. in jeopardy?


I saw a report on WCVB, Chan. 5 yesterday about the fact that Lawton’s Famous Frankfurters stand in Lawrence, Mass. was closed last week due to a problem with it’s location on the side of a canal. 

According to the report, Lawton’s, which has been in business since 1929 is in danger of sliding into the North Canal. It went on to say the owner was forced to close the eatery (which serves about 100 people a day for lunch) last week after the building’s shifting separated it from a deck and the septic tank.

Joanne Curley (the owner), was quoted in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune that utility work and a collapsing North Canal wall below her shop could be to blame for the building’s movement.

The company that owns the canal, Enel dispatched engineers to inspect the wall adjacent to the Hot Dog stand and they agreed that there were some issues with the structure but that these issues should not be affecting the building. It also was reported that engineers from Verizon were slated to inspect a nearby recently installed utility pole to see if that may have added to any possible problem with the structure.

I hope they resolve this issue. I myself have had a few hot dogs at Lawton’s over the years. For the longest time Lawton’s was one of the few places to get my favorite “Essem” Hot Dogs, a brand formerly made in the adjacent town of Methuen.

In fact although they may not feature Essem’s anymore they still had an old sign inside advertising the brand the last time I was there!