Notes from the Hotline, 6-7-09

Vermont’s Parkway Diner changes ownership and names


I just received a copy of the Champlain Business Journal, May, 2009 edition. My brother Steve was in Burlington, VT last weekend for a family function and happened to see an article in the paper that he knew would interest me. On page 4 there was a story about the “former” Parkway Diner in South Burlington, VT changing ownership, and for the first time in this particular diner’s history, it is going under a different name. Here is the text from the piece reported by Rachel Cree Sherman for the above named paper.

South Burlington diner gets new name


The Parkway Diner in South Burlington has become Arcadia Diner,
and owners Bill and Naomi Maglaris, who also own Henry’s Diner in downtown Burlington, have returned the eatery to its former vibrancy.

Diners are valuable not only as American icons, but also as an important
part of Greek-American culture, said Bill Maglaris. During past decades, most diners were Greek-owned, he said.

Henry’s Diner was moved from New Jersey in 1925 by Henry Couture, who saw the successful ven- tures of Greek-{}wned restaurants in the city. When they purchased Hemy’s in 2004, the Maglaris’ sought to bring the diner back to its roots with good, moderately priced Greek-American fare. They now are following that tradition at Arcadia Diner.

 The name Arcadia is also based in Burlington history. Maglaris’s grandfather founded the Arcadia Restaurant, which operated next to the Flynn Theatre from 1906 until the early 1970’s.

The diner was moved to South Burlington from Worcester, MAin 1955 and purchased by Gus and George Lines, who owned it until 1970. George Hatgen took it over and leased it to George and Christine Albanos, who operated it for about 10 years. Hatgen remodeled it, and the Maglaris’ purchased it last fall.

The diner has been seen in images around the world, and Ben & Jerry’s recently furthered the landmark’s iconic status as a part of its newest advertising campaign.

Supported by seven employees, the Maglaris’ have added new equipment and a new menu featuring local meats, eggs and sum- mer produce, with breakfast served all day. They make their own desserts and are open to suggestions and special orders, Maglaris said.

The mailing address for Arcadia Diner is 1696 Williston Road, South Burlington. VT 05403. The telephone number is 802.651.9080.
The diner is open from 6 a.m to 3 p.m.

Images from Worcester shot yesterday

Steve Repucci and I headed out to Worcester, Mass. yesterday for breakfast. Being that there are many good diners in Worcester it used to be hard to choose but nowadays I always seem to end up at Blanchard’s 101 Diner. I can’t help it but I really like this place! Chris and Matt Blanchard have fostered a very nice atmosphere within the diner and it looks like this has brought in a nice group of regular customers that really appreciate the food, service and camaraderie.



After breakfast at Blanchard’s we shot over to see the Blue Belle Diner. It is now just over the town line from Worcester on Rte. 70 in Shrewsbury sitting in the parking lot of Dinky’s Restaurant. The diner seems to be in good shape other then some changes and or modifications to the interior. Pretty much all of the original backbar including the hood with bill of fare menu boards and the Worcester Clock are missing and the barrel ceiling with lighting are also changed. It still has the original counter, stools, booths and tables that came out of the Worcester Lunch Car factory back in July of 1948.