Diner Slide Show set for June 4, 2009

As stated in previous posts, I have completed the conversion of my “Diner” slide presentation from 35mm slides to PowerPoint recently. This was in preparation for the upcoming show for Historic Somerville (formerly called the Somerville Historical Society).

The presentation is entitled… The Evolution of Diners from Lunch Carts to Mega-Restaurants, 1872 to the Present, (subtitled The Ever Changing Appearence of the American Diner).


The location for the Somerville Museum as stated above is on Westwood Road, at the corner of Central Street. It is in the section of Central Street that runs between Somerville Avenue and Highland Avenue.

I am excited to present this updated version of my Diner presentation because by converting it to PowerPoint and utilizing my Photoshop skills, I was able to enhance some “dark” photos and make them more viewable.

By the way, my “Local Roadside Memories” slide presentation for the Lynnfield Historical Society on Tuesday was a huge hit according to the feedback I received. It was certainly a fun evening!