Lowell, Mass’. Owl Diner nears completion of new vestibule!

Back in December I posted about the 4 Sister’s Owl Diner of Lowell, Mass. obtaining grant money to facilitate the construction of a larger entry vestibule  on the diner’s front wall, see https://dinerhotline.wordpress.com/2008/12/14/lowell-massachusetts-four-sisters-owl-diner-gets-make-over/

I also mentioned in that post the fact that Richard Gutman consulted with the Shanahan’s (The Owl’s owners) about the design for the new vestibule. Knowing Dick as I do it was to be obvious that any new addition would be historically sympathetic to the original design of the diner. Because the larger vestibule would take up a good portion of the front wall thereby hiding the original polychrome porcelain enamel panels/graphics, the Shanahan’s and Dick had decided on having new porcelain steel panels created for the whole front of the diner w/new vestibule.

Dick had contacted Cherokee Porcelain Enamel Co. for a quote on the needed materials. They also informed him that they needed “Vectorized” Drawings to design the job. Dick called me up and asked if I wanted to help and I of course said yes. I took Dick’s hand-drawn mechanical drawings and recreated them in Adobe Illustrator (25 drawings in all) and when all sizes were finalized I sent them off to Cherokee.

The new panels were delivered recently and the first few were installed on the vestibule within the last week. Denise and I met with Dick & Kellie Gutman yesterday at the Owl to view the progress. We were happy to see that the installed panels fit very well across the front of the new addition including the rounded corners. Here are some shots of the progress from yesterday….





Looking at the interior (prior to completion) we were also impressed with the contractor’s workmanship on the framework as well as his attention to detail. Tom Shanahan informed us the stainless steel trim around the exterior windows was being fabricated along with the new front door. The interior of the new vestibule will feature tile work replicating the interior tile work in evidence inside the diner. We will continue to follow the progress and keep you informed in upcoming posts.

3 thoughts on “Lowell, Mass’. Owl Diner nears completion of new vestibule!

  1. Sure beats Jennie’s Diner in Ronks, Pennsylvania!

    While I personally don’t understand why diners need vestibules this large, at least this one does an outstanding job of recreating the beauty of the original.

  2. Glenn, the reason for the Owl Diner building a larger entryway is due to the fact that especially on weekends, even with the large diningroom on the right side of the diner, the place gets packed. They needed a waiting area larger than the old entryway provided, (that one being more of a windbreak than a waiting area). This new one will also be heated I believe.

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