Dan’s Diner closed already?


According to a comment posted here this weekend by Peter Myers, Dan’s Diner of Spencertown, NY has closed after a few short months!  This 1925 vintage Jerry O’Mahony diner was painstakingly restored over a number of years by Dan Rundell.

It had previously been operated as Moe’s Diner on Rte. 17 in Durham, CT, where it was later known as the Durham Diner prior to being moved to Spencertown (RTE.203) in 1993. I met Dan Rundell at the auction for pieces of  Vree’s Sterling Diner (Saugus) in Medford circa 2003. He called me 10/8/05 to say the restoration is 95% complete. At that time he was looking into having replica etched windows made.

Moe’s Diner aka Durham Diner circa August, 1984 photo by
Larry Cultrera

Here is Peter’s comment about the closing…. 
The timing was not best for Dan’s Diner. It opened just before Winter (run by a ms. Jenny Strom) and so much of the clientele around here are weekenders! Many locals don’t go out for breakfast, especially in this economy. So it has sadly closed already. I hope they re-open this summer…..It’s a real cool place….