Review of John Baeder Retrospective Video


A couple of weeks ago (Ok, maybe it was almost a month ago) I mentioned about the video retrospective on my good friend John Baeder’s career, (see my post from February 5th below). For those of you who do not know John, he is the premier painter of diners, his paintings done in the photorealist style have a photographic quality that  almost decieve the eye. He has been an inspiration to me since the first time I bought and devoured his 1978 book Diners in early 1981. When John updated this book in 1995, I was mentioned around 7 times in the new text.

I first contacted John in early1982, just after my dad passed away suddenly. We became fast friends and have travelled together on occasion. He has even painted at least 4 paintings that came from photos I had shot which make me proud that he appreciates my eye (which he inspired of course).

The video was produced by Curt Hahn and his Film House crew. I received my copy of the DVD on Friday and I have watched it twice already. It is extremely well done and actually makes me long to take a trip down to Nashville and hang-out with my buddy John. I talk with him on occasion and exchange emails often but I have not seen him since October of 2003 when he had an exhibit at O.K. Harris in NYC.

The DVD contains the approx. 35 minute long video, a gallery of over 200 of John’s paintings, a photo gallery of snapshots of John that spans his lifetime and a section showing the books that John has authored as well as one that was written about him. I highly recommend obtaining this DVD. Here is the link to Film House’s website if you want to buy the DVD

John Baeder and yours truly, October 2003 at O.K. Harris in NYC
(“Im wearing my Tommy James and the Shondells Crystal Blue Persuasion t-shirt) CBP is John’s favorite song as well as mine.