Local Roadside Memories slide presentation


This is a busy year for me as far as slide presentations are concerned. In fact I have an unprecedented total of 3  scheduled for 2009! The first scheduled show is my Local Roadside Memories Powerpoint presentation, next month.

This is going to be for the Medford (Massachusetts) Historical Society. I just checked their website and it is a good thing I did. I thought the presentation was going to be at their headquarters on Governors Avenue but it turns out the venue is actually around the corner at the Medford Public Library on High Street. This presentation features  slides of various objects from my collection of memorabilia, vintage postcards and photos as well as my own photographs taken over the last 29 years. It could almost be called a travelogue of my adventures (or misadventures).

The presentation will be March 18, 2009 at 7:00 pm at the Medford Public Library, 111 High Street, Medford, Mass. (just to be clear, the Historical Society will hold a short business meeting before I start my presentation). For more info and a map you can go to the Medford Historical Society’s events page on their website  http://www.medfordhistorical.org/events.php

This same presentation will be shown at the Lynnfield (Mass.) Historical Society in May. I also have a new Powerpoint version of my Diner history slide show in the works which will be shown at the Somerville Museum for Historic Somerville (Mass.) in June. I will post the times, dates and addresses for these in the future.

3 thoughts on “Local Roadside Memories slide presentation

  1. Larry: Sounds like a great event, sadly I am going to be out of town at that time. Would you consider doing this at other libraries?

    Best Wishes
    John Duprey

  2. John, I will be doing pretty much the same show in Lynnfield in May. I will also be doing my diner slide show in June in Somerville. Always up for doing them, I will email you.

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