Diner/Roadside Art Exhibit at Culinary Arts Museum


Back around 1986, right after I was featured in a Boston Globe article on Diners written by Nathan Cobb, I was contacted by Becky Haletky. Becky introduced herself as an artist who enjoyed painting diners and other roadside related subjects. She was living with her family in Rockland, Mass. at the time (before moving to her current home in Pembroke). She informed me that her work was diversified and that she painted other subjects as well as the roadside ones.

We became friends and even went on small roadtrips in the area so she could take some new photos for future paintings. She also arranged for me to do a Diner History slide presentation in 1987 for the Rockland Art Association. In fact as I recall, Dick Gutman came along to that show and I introduced him to Becky.

Since then I have managed to get to a few shows at various galleries in the area that featured Becky’s work. Well I am happy to report that Becky has a new show of her art at The Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales Univeristy’s Harbor Campus in Providence, RI  (Dick Gutman is the director of the Museum).

The exhibit is entitled “Time to Eat” diners and other eateries in watercolor by Becky Haletky. It runs from January 26 through June 5, 2009.

I RSVP’d yesterday for Denise and I to attend the Opening Reception on February 7th.

Here are 3 examples of Becky’s work…

Chadwick Square Diner, Worcester, Mass.

Miss Worcester Diner, Worcester, Mass.

Shawmut Diner, New Bedford, Mass.

Check out Becky’s website at  http://www.artbecko.com/

The Culinary Arts Museum is located at 315 Harborside Boulevard, Providence, RI 02905

2 thoughts on “Diner/Roadside Art Exhibit at Culinary Arts Museum

  1. What about “Diners: Still Cookin’ in the 21st Century” at the Culinary Arts Museum? Is it still on display? Originally it was planned to run through June 2008, but their web site is still active and I saw no news of its closing. In my opinion, this excellent exhibit could go on indefinitely (if it’s all right with the museum’s Director!)

  2. Glenn, I thought you knew, the “Diners: Still Cookin’ in the 21st Century” is virtually a permanent exhibit at the Culinary Arts Museum. The original end date came and went last year and I asked Dick what would happen and he said (as you surmise), it is there indefinitely.

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