Update on Cheyenne Diner

Market Diner (now Cheyenne Diner) photo circa 1983
by Larry Cultrera

Well it looks like someone has stepped up to the plate and saved NYC’s Cheyenne Diner from demolition. This time it looks like it isn’t staying in New York. Read yesterdays latest bulletin from the Save the Cheyenne Diner Committee….


New Lease On Life In Birmingham, AL!

NEW YORK, NY (Jan 14, 2009) – NYC’s historic Cheyenne Diner (411 9th Ave & 33rd St), “the diner of popular demand” was for sale once again, but as of today, Michael Perlman a.k.a “Diner-Man” (http://www.observer.com/2008/diner-man-rescue) brokered a deal between Joel Owens of Birmingham, AL and property owner George Papas for an undisclosed amount.

According to Perlman, the diner was slated for demolition within the next few weeks, if a buyer willing to transport the diner wasn’t located. Joel Owens, head of NAIC, an investment group, became the fortunate candidate, and has announced plans to restore the Cheyenne to its 1940s glory with potential additions including a classic car museum & special events center. Owens states “This is a dream come true, especially in a state that has no historic freestanding diners.” Alabama Tourism Director, Lee Sentell, states “This has the potential to be a great Alabama destination.”

Perlman received alternate proposals from potential buyers from Upstate NY, PA, MI, TX, & UT, but it boiled down to first-come, first-serve, when faced with a 6-week deadline to clear the property. Perlman states “It is of the utmost importance to acquire the necessary permits in a timely manner, to ensure preservation via transport for this historic gem, and we urge the NYC Dept of Buildings to expedite the permits process.”

Since the Cheyenne’s dimensions are 15 ft x 96 ft (2,000 sq ft), the diner will be transported via flatbed in 2 sections to Birmingham, with the expertise of Rigger Mel Brandt of M&M Rigging, who transported 50 diners countrywide (including NY’s historic Moondance Diner to LaBarge, WY in Aug 2007).

Please direct inquiries to historicdiner@hotmail.com or pattikm@hotmail.com or Patti Miller Media Relations at (205) 587-5068, and “Diner-Man” Michael Perlman for NYC inquiries at unlockthevault@hotmail.com & (917) 446-7775.

2 thoughts on “Update on Cheyenne Diner

  1. it’s been a year now. Any more news about the Cheynne Diner?….exact new location, expected opening etc. Looking forward to seeing and visiting it here in B’ham.
    Fred Foster
    Alabaster, AL
    ps…send any new info to my email, please

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