New Website features many Diner “Menus” from upstate New York

Mike Engle posted some info about a new website on the Roadsidefans Yahoo Message board today. This website is by Pat & Steve Suriano and is called (HV stands for Hudson Valley). It is an adjunct of their We Want Take Out website. This features scores of links to menus from diners in the upstate area as well as other restaurants. I believe it is something that can truly be useful to the true “diner hunter”. It provides great insight into what the different places offer as well as where they are located.

One thing I noticed is the person who put the website together used a small version of my Prospect Mountain Diner night shot from October 1982. (See Above) It is on the left of their HV Diners banner. I let Steve know it was mine and that he could use it as long as I got credit!

Anyway, here is the link to their website
I highly recommend it!

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