The first version of Grubb’s Diner

Because I mentioned this diner yesterday as the first version of Grubb’s Diner, I thought I would post a photo of it from circa 1981. As I mentioned this diner known at the time that I stopped at it as Jerry’s later became known as the Ridge Diner before it closed and moved. It is actually still in storage somewhere in central Pennsylvania and from the photos I saw, was still in reasonably good shape. A 1950’s vintage Fodero Diner with stainless steel and dark stripes still looks good.

You can see some fairly recent photos on jackoguit’s flickr photostream at where it currently sits west of State College, PA

2 thoughts on “The first version of Grubb’s Diner

  1. Larry, this was the first diner where you helped me do a “positive ID” back in 1999! We were in Huntingdon on a college visit (my stepson attended Juniata College for a year) and I saw this diner on blocks and photographed it. From your photo, I was able to confirm that this was Jerry’s Diner.

    One year ago, I again was in Huntingdon and this time Grubb’s Diner was in sections ready to move, ironically in almost the same spot in a parking lot where Jerry’s once was. I have some photos of Grubb’s from that day: (You will need to log in with a Yahoo username and password)

  2. Glenn,
    That is why I had the scanned image in the digital archives and was able to post it in the blog. I scanned that image for you when you asked about it 9 years ago. (I cannot believe how fast its gone by).

    I only have a small amount of slides and or prints that have been digitized from my archive of 35mm images. Eventually I hope to resume scanning of images to be linked to my (Diner Log) database. This will help for future Power Point Slide presentations as well.

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