Writer, Susan Wingate Signs 2nd Novel, “Bobby’s Diner”

Cover Art for Susan Wingate’s new book, Bobby’s Diner
 I checked out a press release last month for a new novel by Susan Wingate called “Bobby’s Diner”. In my collection of “Diner” stuff, I have a subcollection of novels that I enjoy reading (and re-reading). The ones that come to mind are “Murder at the Falls” by Stefanie Matteson and more recently “Flamingo Diner” by Sherryl Woods.
“Murder at the Falls” (1994) was part of a series of books by Stefanie Matteson featuring her heroine Charlotte Graham, who is described as a 70 years young, long-time star of stage & screen who is also an amateur sleuth. The story revolves around the death of a photo-realist painter who paints “Diners”. Her companion and friend Tom Plummer (he has appeared in 2 other stories if I remember correctly) turns out to be a diner buff and writes a magazine called “Diner Monthly”. They become involved in the investigation which takes many twists and turns before the killer is revealed.
Some of the attributes for Plummer as well as the dead artist were based on info gleaned from research Matteson did using various magazine articles including the April 1991 issue of Yankee Magazine that had the piece called “Devoted to Diners”. This article featured myself, historian Richard Gutman, artist John Baeder, diner broker John Keith and Roadside Magazine publisher Randy Garbin. Some of the aforementioned attributes were taken from the parts of this article, sort of mixing them up between myself and Randy. I loved being part of this even if not by name.
“Flamingo Diner” (2003) by Sherryl Woods is also a mystery as well as a love story and captures the essence of how a local diner can be the town’s gathering place and everyone seems to know each other. The camaraderie and feeling of concern and familiarity of a local diner comes through perfectly in this story.
Anyway I am looking forward to checking out this new novel by Susan Wingate and adding it to the library of Diner books. Here is the Press Release from last month….
Friday Harbor, WA, August 07, 2008 –(PR.com)– Susan Wingate’s second novel, “Bobby’s Diner” will be available through publisher, ebooksonthe.net. This July, Wingate signed a contract sealing the deal.
“Bobby’s Diner” – a novel in the women’s fiction category – is said to be released this fall 2008.

“Bobby’s Diner” is a story of a woman trying to find herself in a town where nobody wants her. Georgette Carlisle, twenty-five when she saunters into the rustic town of Sunnydale, Arizona, snags husband, Bobby, away from another woman, Vanessa Carlisle. After he dies – fifteen years later when the story begins – he leaves his restaurant called Bobby’s Diner to both women. But, that’s not the only problem. Bobby’s Diner, situated on an attractive highway corridor property, is slated as the next boutique tourist site and sits smack in way of Zach Pinzer’s dreams and future with Chariot International Incorporated, a large developer headquartered in Phoenix. Even after Zach arranges to destroy their property and fatally wounds their beloved busboy and gardener, he nearly kills Roberta, Vanessa’s daughter. Georgette and Vanessa hold fast to the only thing they have, each other, and they fight. Georgette’s story tells a tale of life, love, death, grief, pain, loneliness, and redemption. And, she finds her true family with the most unexpected people.

When asked how she felt about the deal, Wingate replied, “I’m giddy.”

You can find out more about Wingate’s latest release on her blog at http://www.susanwingate.blogspot.com.

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