New Diner Blog by Spencer Stewart

I became acquainted with Spencer Stewart a few years ago. He was around 14 years old at the time. He emailed me to let me know he was an avid follower of my Diner Hotline column in the Society for Commercial Archeology’s (SCA) Journal magazine. His dad, Michael got him interested in the American Roadside with diners being a big attraction. When I heard his story, I decided to write a small piece in the Hotline about him. Basically, I was happy to see the next generation was already out there appreciating what we grew up with.

Spencer is about to embark on a new journey, he is starting college soon, but I also found out he has started his own Diner blog on WordPress as well! I have put a link to it in my blogroll but I am also putting it here in this post….


One thought on “New Diner Blog by Spencer Stewart

  1. Thanks, Larry, for everything.

    I’m heading up to school in Halifax this Friday; I should have some interesting, different things to photograph up that way.

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