Lunch Box Diner (Malden, Mass.) Under New Management

I have known for a while that the couple running the Lunch Box Diner, Scott and Kristin Drago were looking to sell the business due to changing demographics, mainly family priorities and such. Business has been great and the Drago’s, with the able assistance of cook David Lane and their loyal waitresses have brought this little Worcester Diner back to being a great stop for breakfast and lunch. Denise and I were regular customers for Sunday morning breakfasts (at least 2 to 3 times a month). The diner located on Route 60 in Malden has seen many people operating it since the 1970’s under such names as Viv’s Diner, Judy’s Diner, Rose’s Lil’ Red Diner, Uncle Lester’s Diner and just prior to the Drago’s it was operated by my friend, John Harmon as Lulu’s.

As of August 4, 2008 the diner is now in the capable hands of Nick Master. If I am not mistaken, he will make a slight name change to Nick’s Lunch Box Diner. The menu will stay fairly close to what Scott and Kristen had with possibly some new additions. Nick is no stranger to food service and is very pleasant and affable and will fit right in with running the diner. Some of the waitstaff will stay on and Kristin will help in the transition for a short time herself. We wish good luck to Nick and his crew in keeping this little diner going as well as Scott and Kristin in their future endeavors.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Box Diner (Malden, Mass.) Under New Management

  1. Yeah I saw this yesterday I believe. Even though I have visited Manhattan many times, I never photographed that particular diner. I more than likely had passed it but either couldn’t or didn’t stop for whatever reason.

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