Odds and Ends from the Hotline, 7/3/08

Sorry about being a little lax in posting this week. I did not have much to write about so I thought I would dig up some photos from my archives. Most of them are roadside related this time around (no diners), so  I hope people will like this post.

Local Donut Shops

The first couple of places are local donut shops.

Kane’s Donuts

The first is my all-time favorite….. Kane’s Donuts, located on Lincoln Avenue in Saugus, Mass. It has been around since the 1950’s I believe and has been currently operated by the Delios family since the late 1980’s. They make some of the largest and delicious hand-cut donuts I have ever had. Also, their neon sign is a one-of-a-kind.

Twin Donuts

The next place is Twin Donuts located at the intersection of North Beacon and Cambridge Streets in the Allston section of Boston, Mass. I need to check the donuts out here sometime soon as it has been years since I have patronized it. It has a great old neon sign as well (check out the great lower case letters) and maybe the donuts are as good as the sign, (new rule of thumb?).

More Drive-in type restaurants

As in last weeks post I have a few more drive-in restaurant/ice cream  stands documented, some are still with us and others are now gone.

Foote’s Drive-in

Foote’s Drive-in serves fried clams, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream. They are located on Rte. 1A in Salisbury, Mass. The building is straight out of the 50’s and 60’s with a kind of folded-plate roof. The arrow sign on top is a little rusted and hard to read in this photo, but it says “WOW”. That could just about sum it up.

Henry’s Root Beer

Henry’s Root Beer is a former A&W Root Beer stand located on Route 138 in Taunton, Mass. It still looks like an A&W but it does not have car hop service, it is all walk-up and order, then you either sit in your car or at picnic tables under the canopy. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers and all the usual stuff as well as their signature root beer.

Tom’s On West Grand

Tom’s On West Grand serves seafood and fried dough appropriately enough as it is situated in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I snapped this shot a few years ago while Denise and I were walking around and seeing the sights. We did not eat there but it looks like it could be worth a stop someday when we’re back in the area.

Twistee Treat

This unique building was premanufactured for a chain started in 1983 in North Fort Myers, Florida. I do not believe they are being made anymore (although I could be wrong). I found this one a few blocks south of the Mayfair Diner on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia the last time I was in the area (2005). Check out Debra Jane Seltzer’s webpage on these places. http://www.agilitynut.com/food/twistee.html

Tony & Ann’s Pizza

This was around for a long time and stayed basically the same until recently. It has since been transformed into another restaurant and does not look exactly like this now. It is located on Rte. 3A in North Chelmsford, Mass.

former Neba Roast Beef

I do not know exactly how many of these buildings are left. I only know of 3, one in the Glens Falls, NY area on Route 9 (still a roast beef place, Mr. B’s Best) one in St. Louis, MO (a chinese resaturant) and this one located on Route 3A in Quincy, Mass. (currently a pharmacy). This one has also operated as a pet store and a Tech Hi-Fi Store in years past. The chain was headquartered out of Albany, NY and was partnered with Mike’s Subs. If anyone knows of anymore, let me know. Here is a link to Debra Jane Seltzer’s page with Neba’s

Here is an ad I got through an Ebay auction a while back selling franchises for Neba Roast Beef stands

Stinson’s Ice Cream

Stinson’s was located on Boston Street in Lynn, Mass. It used to have some great neon signage but when I shot my photos of it the signs were basically non-existant. In fact this was the last season it was open. It has since been replaced by a Dunkin’ Donuts store.

Montrose Drive-in

Montrose Drive-in of Salem Street in Wakefield, Mass. was a local place that served home-made ice cream and also breakfast and lunch. 30 years ago, I worked right around the corner from it and was a regular customer for breakfast and lunch. It was torn down in the last year and a half and replaced by a (guess what)
Dunkin’ Donuts again!

Skip’s Snack Bar

Skip’s Snack Bar (not to be confused with the soon-to-be closed Skip’s Restuarant on Route 110 in Chelmsford, Mass.) is also located on Route 110, but in Merrimac, Mass. It has been around since the 1940’s. The building itself is sort of a non-descript brick building. The food is better than average drive-in fried food, they are famous for their Suzy-Q french fries. Visually their roadside sign is (as it states) one of THE BEST anywhere!

Speaking of Signs

I felt this was a great segue into some other signs I have photographed in my travels, here are a few more.

Santoro’s Subs

This is a shot of a Santoro’s Sub Shop sign in Wakefield, Mass. Santoro’s was a chain of sub shops located in the suburbs north of Boston. There are still a handfull of them but none of them are related to each other anymore. They all seemed to have different signs and this one is a great example.

Sunnyhurst Farms Dairy Store

The Sunnyhurst Farms Dairy was located on Main Street in Stoneham, Mass. Like many dairies, they used to have a fleet of Divco Milk Trucks delivering dairy products to homes in the cities and towns surrounding Stoneham. They also had a chain of stores of which there is only one left (in Malden) with the name although it has no connection anymore to the former dairy. The dairy business itself closed up by the end of the 1970’s and the main plant building was subdivided into various businesses. There is also a strip mall located between where Carrols Hamburgers used to be and the old plant, appropriately named Sunnyhurst Plaza.  This sign was on the West Medford store until recently. The store itself had not operated as a Sunnyhurst Farms for quite a few years but the sign remained (probably because of a grandfather clause). The last incarnation of the store closed around 3 years ago and the Medford City Council (or some other city agency) moved to have the sign removed as they deemed it was a safety hazard.

Samoset Cabins

I have been going up to the Lake George, NY area since the late 1960’s. I have always noticed the many neon signs for businesses like motels and such. This is one of my favorites and is still kept in great shape. It is located on Route 9 between Lake George and Glens Falls.

Goudreault’s Trailer Sales

Goudreault’s Trailer Sales are long gone, probably closed up by the early to mid 1980’s. The sign was still there until recently. They were located on Route 125 in Plaistow, NH. I always loved the fact that the sign was in the shape of a camping trailer. It is amazing how long this sign remained on the site.

Misc. Roadside Images

I am including a couple of interesting roadside/urban buildings next. The first is a geat old neighborhood market with a porcelain facade and the second is an old building that housed an Italian Restaurant.

 West End Market

The West End Market is located in North Adams, Mass. directly on Route 2 as you are heading into Williamstown. When I photographed it a few years ago there was an antiques store operating out of this place. It is currently awaiting new use as a restaurant to be operated by the Garton family who used to run the Miss Adams Diner in Adams, Mass.

Monty’s Garden Italian Restaurant

Monty’s Garden was located in Leominster, Mass., just outside the center of town on Route 12. The building was fairly unremarkable with the exception of the signage. It was torn down recently. I was inspired to finally take a couple of shots of this after seeing a water color painting by my old friend Becky Haletky at a showing of her work in Fall River, Mass. last year.

Something Unique (not quite roadside related)

Cotton Candy Man

This is an old postcard of a interesting little piece from my family’s past. When my brother Steve was attending Tufts University, he got into a little business selling cotton candy from an enclosed motor scooter like the one shown in the image. My dad’s cousin Mike Gianfriddo from Connecticut had found someone selling one of these and inquired if my brother might be interested in using this unique vehicle to make some money on the side while attending school. He did end up getting it and actually used it for 2 or 3 years. I recall he found it easier to attach it to his car (like a trailer) to get to the different places and events where he would sell cotton candy, peanuts and soda. The large circullar canopy ended up getting removed because of the weight (it was steel). He ended up using aluminum angle pieces to build a frame and attached striped canvas to it in place of the old canopy. When he stopped using it Mike came back up and bought it back I believe, I do not know what happened to it after that. The motor scooter was a Lambretta. I always was disappointed that Steve never gave me a ride in this thing!

When I was in Yankee Magazine, circa 1991

One of the many articles I was involved in over the years was one published in 1991 by Yankee Magazine. It was entitled “Devoted to Diners” and included pieces about Richard Gutman (Diner Historian), John Baeder (Diner Artist), John Keith (Diner Restorer) and Randy Garbin (Roadside Magazine) as well as myself. I was honored to be on the opening page with a photo by Doug Mindell. It featured me holding my camera standing in front of a bunch of my photos mounted to a sheet of “boomerang” style Formica.