Diner Hotline makes it to 10,000 Hits today (since 10/31/07)

I am happy to announce that I finally broke the 10,000 hit mark today. In the last month and a half viewership has increased quite a bit. I emailed Michael & Jane Stern (of Roadfood.com) yesterday to let them know that my former Society for Commercial Archeology column has morphed into a blog. Michael got back to me to say he placed a link in Roadfood.com digest section of their website. All of a sudden things went nuts and veiwership went thru the roof! Between yesterday morning and today at noon, approximately 460 people have checked out my blog! Thank you to everybody, it makes it all worthwhile.

Larry Cultrera, Diner Hotline

6 thoughts on “Diner Hotline makes it to 10,000 Hits today (since 10/31/07)

  1. Hello Larry,
    Congratulations. Great site….keep building. Imagine my surprise when I was surfing the net and came to your site.
    Lately, I have been trying to find pictures of several food places from
    our past. I am looking for:
    Carrol’s Hamburgers – Stoneham
    Kemps of Medford
    Carrolls Diner – in Medford

    Also when I was young my folks took us to an A+W that had drive up speakers to order from. I think this was in lower NH.
    I guess I am getting old and really want to show our son part of our past.

    Once again great site. Keep building. It is so great to remember a simpler time of our life. I am including my name so you’ll know who this is……Take Care….Jim Sampson

  2. Jim, Great to hear from you! I’ll send you an email as well as this reply to your comment. We Medford boys have to stick together.

  3. Larry, great to hear your blog is reaching the wider audience it deserves! I’ve been a fan of the Sterns for years, and your work coincides perfectly with theirs.

  4. Hello Larry,
    I was wondering if you could let me know
    any history behind booth seats in diners;
    when did they first appear, how they evolved,

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